Once available only on iOS, Instagram has experienced an incredible rise since its launch in 2010. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, the app originally only allowed photos to be posted. Over time, new features have multiplied, allowing the platform to become a must-have app on smartphones.

Whether you are a seasoned user, or just getting started on Instagram, it’s a safe bet that some features of the app are still unknown to you. In the following lines, you’ll discover tips and hidden features that, once mastered, will allow you to get the most out of Instagram.

1. Get notified when your favorite accounts publish

To never miss posts from your favorite accounts, you can configure the application to send you a notification for each new post.

To do this, go to the profile for which you want to be alerted, and press the button Subscriber.

In the menu that appears, enter Notifications and check the types of posts you want Instagram to alert you to when the account shares new content.

2. Add keywords in your bio to go up in Explorer

If you have a public profile and would like to break into the Instagram world a bit, you will need a little patience, but most importantly, use the right keywords.

One of the best ways to see your profile pop up in the Explore tab, which allows all Instagram users to discover new accounts and original posts, is to add keywords to one or more thematic, directly in your biography.

To change it, go to your profile tab and press Edit profile to add your hashtags.

3. Moderate the comments

The comments you receive on Instagram can sometimes be inappropriate or obnoxious. If it is possible to remove them or block the authors, you can also simply restrict them.

This feature will give you full control over comments and messages sent by trolls. You can easily Restrict an account from the comments by swiping your finger left to bring up options, and then pressing the button with an exclamation mark in a bubble.

It is also possible to do this by going directly to the offending profile, then pressing Subscriber.

And if however you want to nail the beak to several accounts at the same time you can create a list of restricted accounts.

To do this, go to your profile, deploy the hamburger menu and enter the Settings. Then enter Confidentiality, then access the menu Restricted accounts. Press on Carry on and find the names of the accounts to restrict. You will only have to press the corresponding button to see them added to your list of restricted accounts.

When an account is restricted, you no longer receive notifications if it interacts with you. You can choose to approve or disapprove their comments, delete them, and can even control whether others can see comments posted under your posts. When a restricted account tries to send you a private message, it will automatically be moved to Message Invitations, preventing the person from seeing that you have read their message. Best of all, the accounts you restrict don’t know about anything.

4. Clear your search history

Over the weeks, your search history will fill up with sometimes searches that you aren’t necessarily very proud of. Fortunately, it is possible to remove all of this. You can do it manually and delete certain searches by directly pressing the small cross located to the right of each element searched.

But you can also delete the entire history at once. To do this, press See everything from the recent searches tab and press Erase everything.

Note that this option is also available from your profile, by deploying the hamburger menu to enter the Settings > security > Clear search history.

5. Rearrange the filters and remove the ones you don’t use

Let’s be honest, some Instagram filters are not really good. If like many you have your favorites, you can rearrange their order of appearance, but most importantly, turn off the display of filters that you never use.

To do this, enter the image publication system, press following and scroll all the filters to the left and press Manage.

Uncheck the filters you never use and keep your finger pressed on the handles represented by three superimposed lines, to the left of each filter, to move them up or down, depending on the order in which you want see them appear. Then save your changes by pressing Finished.

6. Prevent unwanted tags

Some accounts, often fake, will do anything to grow their audience or lure users into scams. To get your attention, some people don’t hesitate to use the tagging system to identify you on the fly on a post that doesn’t concern you in any way. You will find yourself tagged in an advertisement that will be added directly to your profile in the section devoted to the images on which your loved ones identify you.

To avoid this, it is possible to limit the identification authorizations, but also to approve them manually.

Go to your profile, open the main menu and enter the Settings from Instagram. Then enter Confidentiality, then access the menu Tags.

You can then choose toAllow identifications of People you follow, or No one (if you never want to be tagged).

You can further strengthen your security by activating the function Approve identifications manually.

7. Search images by locations

If Instagram can search for people (or accounts), or keywords, perhaps the most interesting search is to search for images by location. Why ? Quite simply because it will allow you to have a quick overview and from different angles of the same place, ideal for example, to get an idea of ​​what your holiday resort will look like.

Go to the searches section and start the search for a specific location. You will automatically get the most popular and recent posts posted by users with a public account.

8. Deactivate your online status

Because you like your peace of mind when you browse on Instagram, and to avoid being spied on, it is possible to deactivate, as on Facebook, your “online” status visible from the private messaging system. Be careful, however, once deactivated for your account, you will no longer see the status ” Online From your loved ones.

To deactivate your online status, go to your profile, open the main menu and access the Settings. Then enter Confidentiality, then in Online Status to deactivate the function.

9. Keep your favorite publications using collections

Instagram is a gold mine for foodies and travel enthusiasts. But as you get your likes, it often becomes difficult to find the posts that have caught your attention.

Instagram has a very practical function, however, Collections, with which it is possible to save the publications that caught your attention.

To add a post to your collections, just tap the icon with a bookmark. The publication is then automatically added. But it is then possible to classify the elements saved in different collections.

To do this, go to your profile, deploy the main menu and enter Elements registered. All publications are grouped together in one place in All publications. Push the button +, choose a name for your collection, and press following. You will then only have to select the items to classify in your collection. Then press Finished to save your collection.

Then repeat the procedure as many times as necessary to classify all the items you have saved.

10. Hide stories from some users

Are you too tired of that vague knowledge that shows up in the stories with your feet by the pool all day long while you are stuck at work? Without deleting it from your subscriptions, you can completely choose to hide its stories.

To do this, keep your finger pressed on the icon of his story and choose to switch it to Mute. Their stories are then relegated to the end of the story feed, so you will no longer see them displayed in the last published stories.

To reactivate the stories for an account, scroll through all the stories to the end, tap and hold the account story and choose to Reactivate the story.

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