12 week full body home workout plan for fully committed people

12 week full body home workout plan for fully committed people
It’s natural to wish you had a body as perfect as those girls in the magazines, but the reality is often nowhere near as simple and shiny. If you’ve been training for a while, you already know that a good body comes at a high cost. It’s not like you have to pay for it – you just have to find the best routine for yourself and stick with it with determination.
Even when you create the routine, the other problem can arise – this routine is ideal for only one part of your body. Shame! Well, that’s what we’re here for. Sometimes we know a perfect routine that will also work for your whole body. It might sound a little suspicious, but when you take a look at the routine itself, you’ll understand why we’re so certain of its effectiveness.

The fact is that this routine combines in it most of the universal exercises that have already proven their effectiveness, but the number of repetitions is something that makes this routine different from all the others. As the number of reps changes so does the intensity and this is something that helps your muscles grow and melt fat.

Follow this routine for about twelve weeks and you will fully and perfectly tone your body, that’s for sure. However, in no case should you forget about your diet. Otherwise, there would be no effect.


20 squats
15 second board
25 crunches
35 puppets
15 slots
25 seconds sitting on the wall
10 sit-ups
10 kicks
5 pumps


10 squats
30 second plank
25 crunches
10 puppets
25 slots
45 second wall sitting
35 sit-ups
20 kicks in the butt
10 push-ups


15 squats
40 second plank
30 crunches
50 puppets
25 slots
35 second wall sitting
30 sit-ups
25 kicks in the butt
10 push-ups


35 squats
30 second plank
20 crunches
25 puppets
15 slots
60 seconds sitting on the wall
55 sit-ups
35 Ass Kicks
20 push-ups


25 squats
60 second plank
30 crunches
55 jumping jacks
60 slots
45 second wall sitting
40 sit-ups
50 kicks in the butt
30 push-ups

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