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While the number of Covid-19 contaminations continues to increase in France, with 16,096 new cases recorded on Thursday, a record, Prime Minister Jean Castex spoke of a possible re-containment “if we do not act”.

France registered 16,096 new cases by Covid-19 in 24 hours, a record since the launch of large-scale tests in the country, according to data published Thursday, September 24, by Public Health France.

The previous record stood at more than 13,000 new cases per day, the level reached on Wednesday. While new restrictive measures have been announced in an attempt to stem the epidemic, 52 Covid-19 patients died in 24 hours in hospital, specifies the health agency.

Sign that the epidemic is progressing: the share of patients among those tested (the positivity rate) continues to increase, reaching 6.5% against 6.2% Wednesday and 5.4% last week.

Over the last seven days, hospitals have received 4,258 new patients including 718 severe cases in intensive care, 43 more than the day before.

More than 31,500 dead

Since the start of the epidemic, at least 31,511 deaths linked to the coronavirus have been recorded in France, including 20,940 in hospitals.

In its weekly update also published Thursday, Public Health France reports an “exponential increase in intensive care admissions” and a “increase in the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 among those 65 and over”.

Based on data up to September 22, the public health service expects an “underestimation of the increase in the number of confirmed cases due to the probable saturation of diagnostic capacities”, as well as an underestimation estimation of sources of contamination (“clusters”).

The situation was “very worrying throughout France”

“The public must be very attentive. If we do not act, we could find ourselves in a situation close to that of spring,” warned Prime Minister Jean Castex, Thursday on France 2, the day after the announcement of new restrictions.

Asked to say if France was heading towards a new confinement, such as that from March to May, Jean Castex replied that it was not the wish of his government but he left the door open to this measure in case the situation health would continue to deteriorate.

“It could mean reconfinement,” he said, attributing the resumption of the epidemic to a possible summer relaxation of the population.

The head of government justified these measures by asserting that the situation was “very worrying throughout France” but “especially serious in the large cities”.

In Marseille, it is “a race against time” and that is why “we have decided to take stronger measures”, he added at the start of the program “You have the floor” , his first major political show since his appointment in early July.

Jean Castex explained that the government’s objective was “simple”: “to avoid the saturation of our hospitals”, in particular the intensive care units.

Asked about a possible reconfinement of nursing homes, he replied: “No. We are not re-fining nursing homes”, “we must do everything to avoid that”.

“I don’t blame you”, assured Jean Castex to a restaurateur from Marseille who criticized on screen the decision taken Wednesday to close on Saturday in Aix-Marseille and Guadeloupe bars, restaurants and establishments receiving food. public, with the exception of those with a strict health protocol such as theaters, museums and cinemas.

“The measure is for 15 days, and we hope that we can reopen in 15 days”, Jean Castex told the restaurateur. “We will compensate for the loss of turnover that you will suffer,” he assured him, because “there is no question that you will suffer the consequences of these health conditions”.

The local elected officials of Marseille and its region castigated, Thursday, the new measures to fight against the Covid-19 of the government and announced the filing of a summary to prevent the closure of bars and restaurants.

“We are not playing with an epidemic”, warned Jean Castex, calling for “responsibility”, which is “necessarily collective”, in the face of the Covid-19 virus.

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