What you need to know before laser treatment for acne


Laser treatment can convince be magical when it involves the treatment of acne scars. But there are certain aspects you would like to understand before undergoing a laser treatment.

Thus, before making a busy decision, a number of the essential facts that you simply got to know are given below.

Before any laser treatment, medical consultation may be a must:

If someone offers you to treat your acne scar with a laser with none medical consultation, walk away. The person must know you before performing the laser treatment. Before performing laser treatment, the doctor must know your skin type, the characteristics of your acne scars, and your overall health conditions to offer adequate treatment to your acne scars.

During this medical consultation, tell the person about your cold scores, medical conditions, addictions, if you're under any supplements or medications, and also ask about laser treatment for acne scars cost in Kolkata. Be honest about your expectations from the treatment.

Sun protection is vital after and before laser treatment:

If you would like to undergo laser treatment with a sunburn or tan, the dermatologist won't be ready to treat you. If still, the laser treatment is completed , it's going to cause serious burns or discolouration of your skin.

After the laser treatment is completed successfully, you want to protect your skin from the sunrays until the world completely heals. If the harmful rays of the skin hit the recently treated area of your skin, it's going to cause the expansion of another acne scar.

One laser treatment session might not be enough:

For the simplest improvement and therefore the long-lasting results, a dermatologist may schedule a series of acne scar laser treatment. It becomes more necessary if a non-ablative laser is getting used . Although, there's no downtime with the laser. But, if you would like to ascertain the specified treatment, you'll got to undergo a couple of laser treatments.

Home treatments are required after the laser treatment:

Understand that it can take months to point out the results of the laser treatment for acne scars. It can cause normal itching problems and bearable pains. To prevent possible side-effects and to ascertain the simplest results, you'll got to follow some home-care treatments as suggested by your dermatologist.


If you're choosing laser treatment for your acne scars, the simplest way is to urge in-tuned with a licensed and well-reputed dermatologist. And don't forget to require all the preventions and cures required within the process.

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