Zero belly diet

method that will help you burn belly fatmethod that will help you burn belly fat
Losing weight can sometimes become a difficult dream to achieve, and even more difficult when it comes to getting rid of belly fat.  Nevertheless, David Zinczenko, author of “Zero belly diet“, offers a revolutionary method that helps you get a flat belly without fat.
David Zinczenko is the founder and director of Galvanized Media, a global health and fitness company.  In his famous book “Zero belly diet“, Zinkzinco offers us a diet that helps us get a flat belly without fat.  We give you all the details in this article
It is a very special diet regimen:
The diet proposed by David Zinczenko is called the “Zero belly diet”.  It literally means “zero-rumble diet”, in other words, it is the diet that causes you to have a flat belly that is hardly seen.
Unlike other terrifying regimes, you do not need food deprivation here.  Rather, the “Zero belly diet” diet is recommended to consume some special foods that give a flat stomach while contributing to the regulation of the work of the digestive system.
The “Zero belly diet” diet is based on essential foods, which are also rich in vitamins and nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.  Therefore, this diet works in three ways.  It reduces bloating, heals intestines by feeding them with good microbes, and boosts metabolism.
Here are 8 groups of foods recommended by David Zinczenko if you adopt the Zero belly diet:
David Zinczenko insists on the importance of diet and digestion.  It prioritizes the rehabilitation of healthy intestinal flora (by promoting beneficial bacteria) for quick and effective weight loss.  The reason for this is that intestinal bacteria help control appetite.
For this it is recommended to consume 8 foods and groups of foods, which are:
Vegetable juices: especially those rich in protein, healthy fats, fibers, and resveratrol.
Eggs: especially organic eggs that are fed from pastures.
Red fruits: They contain nutrients that are very effective in getting rid of belly fat.
Olive oil and other healthy fats: it strengthens the body to burn more calories.
Plant proteins: They contribute to stimulating the metabolism.
Beans and other foods rich in fiber: feed “healthy” bacteria and help them fight inflammation and fat accumulation.
Plant proteins: They contribute to stimulating the metabolism.
Vegetables and green leaves: It provides the body with folic acid, which blocks the genes that lead to the formation of fats.

Spices and fresh herbs: They are excellent for enhancing the intestinal microflora beneficial to the body.


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