3 mistakes to avoid to lose weight

3 mistakes to avoid to lose weight

3 mistakes to avoid to lose weight

Through a weight loss journey, progress can be halted. It can go weeks without seeing a result, and it can be frustrating. In my thalassemia experience, I have noticed that there are certain patterns that can cause weight loss to stop. Here are 3 of these patterns.

1) You eat more than you think.

You need to eat less thermal prices than every day by determining the size of the quota or “part” of food in your head, we can estimate the amount of food we eat at every meal better (thus evaluated and ready). Put in mind, when it comes to loss of weight,

Two basic bases:

Part of meat (3 oz) is the size of the playing card.
Part of carbohydrates (1 cup) with tennis ball.

Please remember to be filled with non-starchy vegetables – they are full of nutrients, and have a very small impact on blood sugar, and have little calories.

2) Do not eat enough.

It is a social assigned to eat “three square meals” a day. While this may do for social purposes, weight loss, you will want to aim to further feed frequently. It is recommended that at least 5-6 small meals every day. By doing this, your body gets noted that food is plentiful, and there is no need to maintain energy.

In addition, maximizing repeated nutrition from metabolism, as your body is constantly busy, burning calories by digesting your meals. By not allowing a lot of time meals between meals, you settle blood sugar levels because they will never get a chance to drop. By maintaining blood sugar, your hunger levels are reduced, which reduces the opportunities you will have in eating at your next meal.

3)Choose your own calories instead of eating.

This is a very common problem among those who are trying to lose weight, because of the abundance of “healthy diet juices”, browse proteins, weight loss shake. There are 2 factors to take into account when relying on these liquid alternatives.

First, a lot of liquid diet shakes in the market and all fruit juices have an abundance of sugar. This causes an immediate increase in energy followed by a huge incident due to the launch of insulin to control the high blood sugar. This dramatic transformation at blood hormone levels (especially insulin levels) is something you want to avoid, both for health and weight loss reasons.

Second, most fiber-free weight loss rockets. Fiber is one of the most expensive allies when you are a diet. It helps you feel clear as a clear rise in insulin levels when all this sugar hit the bloodstream. While fruit juices contain some fiber of fruit core, the best strategy will be to eat the actual fruit contained in juice.

Finally, the amount of calories can be concentrated in vibration or juice is much greater than the equivalent size of the actual food. Fruit juice may contain 16 oz on up to 600 calories, and will not fill you too much! On the other hand, acting 600 calories of fruit will prove that the model person can be managed in one session (at least, I personally do not know anyone can eat more than a banana in one session!).

Think about it – when making great food changes, you want to get the most out of your calories. Do not you prefer fill, instead of drinking something and be hungry again soon?


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