Detox as part of a Weight Loss Program

 Detox as part of a Weight Loss Program

Detox as part of a Weight Loss Program


Whilst weight loss is at the top of many people’s agendas today detox is also becoming increasingly popular. The two can often go hand in hand as they compliment each other – going on a detox can also help to reduce your weight.

The benefits of a detox diet are many and varied, and include better looking, clearer, skin, weight loss, a stronger immune system, and improved bodily processes such as digestion. With so many benefits a detox diet is really worth while, but it is important to diet healthily.

Weight loss programs usually require you to reduce your intake of food, or at least certain food groups. This helps to reduce your calorie intake, and can also often reduce your cholesterol. Reducing calories is an excellent way to lose weight when combined with exercise, but a detox diet can be combined to improve your health and appearance even further.

Detox diets usually require you to eat a large amount of fruit and vegetables, with particular attention paid to variety. A wide range of these types of foods will provide your body with a huge amount of vitamin and mineral nutrition whilst keeping your calorie count low.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are generally easier for your body to process than carbohydrates and proteins – red meat can actually stay in your system for almost two weeks! Giving your body food which it can easily digest allows your digestive system to gradually work its way through foods which still remain in the stomach and digestive tract.

Once these foods have been totally processed by your body your digestive system will be able to function much more efficiently which can actually reduce tiredness. When the body has food to digest it can make you feel bloated and tired, but once a detox diet is underway the reduction of foods that remain in your stomach for long periods of time means that bloating and tiredness tend to reduce.

Of course, it isn’t a good idea to eat like this for extended periods of time. Diets which are based mainly on fruit and vegetables tend to lack calories which are essential to your energy levels. Dieting for too long can make you fatigued and, ultimately, susceptible to illnesses. A detox diet should be carried out in a controlled manner for short periods of time which provides your body with a chance to refresh itself once in a while.

Things to be avoided during Detox Diet

Foods such as milk, butter, cheese, bread, pasta, and red meats should be avoided during a detox as they are all more difficult to digest. However, they do contain some essential nutrition which you cannot do without for long periods of time, which means that you shouldn’t eliminate these things from your diet completely.

The key is to find a balance. The body already detoxifies by itself – it has to in order to stay functional. Removing toxins from the body is an ongoing process, but a detox diet can aid the body in this leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Detox diets are a really good aid to both health and weight loss provided that you don’t go overboard and leave yourself malnourished.

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