New Celebrity Diet - Called the Zone Diet


Diet after diet after diet. The health and body industry just keeps churning out new big ideas on how to stay slim (without exercising too much!) so what makes this new diet, called The Zone Diet, so special?

Unlike many other diets, this one has caught on in the celebrity world which means the chances are it’s a diet that works as celebrities tend to be advised by nutritionists who are at the top of their field.

With such a catchy name you may think the Zone Diet was guaranteed success, provided that it got mainstream attention, owing to its fantastic marketability.

One thing which has helped to make this diet successful in t

New Celebrity Diet - Called the Zone Diet

he celebrity world is that a large number of companies that deliver food have incorporated the Zone Diet into their product list. Thus celebrities, or anyone else with enough money, needn’t waste time searching the supermarket for food that meets the requirements as they can simply order direct and save a lot of time and effort by having it delivered to their doorsteps.

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The basic principles of this diet are to stick to low-fat foods which include fish and poultry, and wild animals such as venison and other types of game. Small amounts of cheese, or low-fat cheese, are also allowed as these are vegetables and olive oil.

The intent of this diet is to help keep your hormones healthily balanced which increases the body’s energy usage and reduces the number of calories that are kept in the body as fat. Vegetables can be eaten in almost any quantity, but food that is high in calories is to be avoided.

However, to help feel full monosaturated oil such as olive oil is allowed. This stops the diet from becoming so difficult to continue. The Zone Diet may sound like a good idea but there have been reports which suggest something to the contrary. Partly due to the fact that the diet hasn’t been studied for long-term effects, and partly because of the poor nutritional value of the diet, the American Heart Association warns against it.

Another problem stems from the low-calorie intake which means that exercise is difficult to undertake in any serious amount, and this also means that little is done to improve the heart’s condition in order to counter the effects of the diet. Further problems with the diet are to do with the cost of keeping a specialized diet of this type, and also because the calorie values of each meal must be worked out, as well as the exact quantities of proteins and carbohydrates.

The complexity, therefore, causes a lot of people to give up on the diet, particularly in the long term when it becomes too much effort to continue monitoring the minutiae of everything eaten in this way. Additionally, those who undertake this diet usually struggle with hunger as the very low quantity of carbohydrates leaves the body feeling low on energy. This can be a very difficult thing for people to put up with and can ultimately lead to them quitting the diet.

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