Somato-Specific Nutrition: What Is It and How It Helps In Losing Weight

Somato-Specific Nutrition: What Is It and How It Helps In Losing Weight

Somato-Specific Nutrition: What Is It and How It Helps In Losing Weight

Losing weight is an uphill task for many people because they have no idea on what works for their body types and their lifestyles as well. The majority of the commercial weight loss plans that are available online are generic and not made to fit any particular person. It is for this reason that many people keen on losing weight hire a personal trainer to come up with a program that is specific to them so that they can reach their weight loss goal.

On the other hand, there is the Somato-specific nutrition which is a weight loss option that has been embraced by many including Kyle Leon who wants to lose weight successfully. Somato-specific nutrition is a simple diet plan that is based on the body type of an individual emphasizing the need for unique nutritional plans to achieve weight loss. This unique weight loss plan divides body types referred to as somatotypes into three which achieve weight loss in different ways and they include:

Somato-specific nutrition for 3 body types

1 – Endomorph Body Type

For you to be described as an endomorph body type you have to have a round shape and carry a lot of weight as well. The natural body of an endomorph is one that is thick and is able to bear a lot of natural fat. The goal of someone with such a body type is to lose any weight gained so as to maintain the right amount of weight. After when you have identified that endomorph is your body type then the Somato specific nutrition helps come up with a diet plan that will be able to result in body fat and muscle growth as well. With a unique plan made specifically for your body type, you are able to reach your fitness goal by building muscle and losing body fat simultaneously.

2 – Mesomorph Body Type

People who have an average physique are said to have a mesomorph body type because they are muscular with a square body shape. If this is your body type, then you have an almost equal amount of natural fat as well as muscle mass which can be described as healthy. The Somato-specific nutrition program that is used to aid weight loss, in this case, will consist of a diet plan that helps in the maintenance of the current weight unless you want to gain or lose some little weight. The diet plan will consist of calories that are provided through particular types of food that are outlined with the help of the Somato specific nutrition guidelines. As soon as your diet plan has been set up for your mesomorph body type the weight loss goal is much more achievable.

3 – Ectomorph Body Type

This body type can be described as linear or even thin and is a natural body size for some individuals. Having an ectomorph body type means that the fat and muscle produced in the body is not much and at times the bones in the body are visible as well. If you have this body type it is likely that your fitness goal is to gain body fat as well as muscle which is done through good nutrition. Using the Somato-specific nutrition plan, you only have to come up with a diet plan that encompasses foods that increase body fat and encourage the build-up of muscles in the body.

Nevertheless, there are those people whose body type is not clear cut thus making it hard to customize a diet plan for them as encouraged by the Somato specific nutrition. Many people face this dilemma and so it is important to identify any of the two body types that you are and customize a nutritional plan that will meet your weight loss needs. If you have no idea where to start on the customization of your diet plan, you can check for resources online, read this Customized Fat Loss review or even ask a personal trainer to guide you. Under the Somato-specific nutrition diet plan, adjustments can be made until it fits the need of the particular body type or even if it is a mix of body types so that the weight loss is achieved.

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