A man in his thirties starts a diet for the summer! !!

A man in his thirties starts a diet for the summer! !!

Start today! !! In this blog, a 30-year-old man will lose weight by summer and go to the beach and pool! !! I started with that purpose.

A man in his thirties starts a diet for the summer! !!

Well, I just want to lose weight (laughs). However, if I was on a diet, I thought it would be better to keep a record of myself and publish it in the form of a blog so that I could feel the changes and inspire my feelings.

In addition, there must be many men in the world who have the same desire to lose weight.

In fact, I hope that I can succeed the dieting in a short period of time, prove that anyone can lose weight, and motivate many men.

And the concept of blogging. that is···.

In this blog, I will start with my diet practice notes, and I will publish effective exercises and foods for men to lose weight and various knowledge that I learned while dieting.

By the way, there is no doubt that the reason I decided to start a diet was a simple motive to lose weight, but since I was originally involved in sports, I have a fairly solid body shape.

When I was in my early twenties, I didn’t really care about it, but as I got older, my stomach started to grow and I didn’t withdraw.

My daughter-in-law also made me foolish in the end, and I was impatient that my weight and body fat would increase as it was.

After all, it seems that many of my friends of the same generation are beginning to have similar problems.

Some of my acquaintances have given up and are straight on the obese road (laughs), but I want to be a cool old man even as I get older.

“It used to be cool …”

I definitely don’t want to be told! !!

Anyway, I want to be hungry by summer so that I can go to the pool naked and openly.

So, thank you for your cooperation! !!

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