About 1 hour after eating is the timing of diet exercise! !!

About 1 hour after eating is the timing of diet exercise! !!

It is very important to approach both diet and exercise for a successful diet, but the important point is how to avoid wasting fat after eating.

About 1 hour after eating is the timing of diet exercise! !!

It’s okay to do a little bit every day, so exercising is a major premise, and I also want to know the effective timing of exercising.

Of course, it is necessary to control the type, nutrients, amount, etc. of food, but it is also possible to accelerate the diet more efficiently by paying attention to the timing of exercise.

So at what time should you exercise?

One of the important times is to do a diet exercise about an hour after eating to prevent carbohydrates from burning and adding excess fat to your body.

This is because the blood sugar level after eating a meal reaches its maximum about 1 hour after eating.

If you use sugar, which is an energy source for exercise when your blood sugar level rises, the excess sugar will not be stored as body fat.

Therefore, I think it’s a good idea to do a simple exercise about an hour after eating.

Running and strenuous exercise are bad for digestion, so it is recommended to use muscles such as climbing stairs and squats.

By the way, in my case, of course, it’s the BYE-10 diet.

It’s space-saving and you can do it right away, and it’s not too intense an exercise that makes you breathe up, so you can do it comfortably for about an hour after eating.

It also helps to awaken drowsiness after eating.

As an aside, people who get sleepy after eating seem to be caused by overeating.

If you eat until about the 12th minute of your stomach, it will definitely cause you to get fat, so it is effective for dieting if you keep it to about the 6th to 8th minutes of your stomach.

So, there are many benefits to exercising after a meal, so why not give it a try?

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