Burn fat

Basically, we will diet with exercises such as muscle training and moderate dietary restrictions!

Burn fat! !!

Suddenly, I’m in full swing, but I’ll lose weight by summer! And in what way would he dent this bulging stomach?

My plan is to focus on muscle training, and then do aerobic exercise such as jogging to reduce excess calories in my normal diet, and I would like to attack with moderate dietary restrictions.

Burn fat

The reason why I go on a diet with this menu is that if I just reduce my diet, even if I lose weight, it will rebound and eventually return to my original weight and body fat.

Moreover, it seems that even if you reduce your diet for a certain time, you will not lose weight.

I mean, if you do that, you won’t be able to eat anything! ??

So, for a healthy diet, it is important to exercise well and reduce the calorie balance.

However, in reality, it seems that it is difficult to lose weight just by aerobic exercise such as jogging.

For example, if you go jogging 30 times at a time, the calories burned are about 200 to 300 kcal.

That is to say, if you eat a convenience store lunch or something, you usually ingest about 500 to 1000 kcal, so this means that your diet cannot catch up at all.

If you want to make it minus about 1000kcal every day, you have to run for about 2 hours each time.

The distance is about 20km.

You can’t run like this unless you’re a runner!

There are many people who fail to diet and start running suddenly, but I think it’s not unreasonable to be frustrated.

It seems to be effective if adopted well, but it seems too reckless to try to complete the diet just by jogging, so I rejected it for the time being.

Then what should I do?

This is where muscle training finally appears.

The reason why muscle training is good is that by building muscles during training, basal metabolism rises, and calories are constantly consumed even at rest, that is, you can build a body that is easy to lose weight.

Also, when you do muscle training, growth hormone is actively secreted, and it seems that fat burning continues for about 6 hours after training.

By the way, if you do the jogging that you rejected earlier after muscle training, fat seems to burn easily, so even if you run, I want to do it efficiently in a short time after training my muscles.

Besides, if you’re a man, you want to build strong muscles, and why don’t you want to break your abdominal muscles instead of just denting your belly?

Well, in reality, if you don’t keep doing it, you will end up in a vacant plan, so I’ll do my best not to become shaven for 3 days! !!

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