Carbohydrate restriction is effective for dieting only at night! ??

Carbohydrate restriction is effective for dieting only at night! ??

Dietary restrictions are essential for a successful diet.

But even so, reducing everything is counterproductive.

Carbohydrate restriction is effective for dieting only at night! ??

For example, just because you want to lose weight, “Don’t eat meat, just fish !!”

From the point of view of a man’s diet, this is a body with poor metabolism due to a lack of protein and muscles.

In other words, not eating makes your body easier to gain weight! !!

This area is a part that is likely to be mistaken.

But as my respected fighter Masato said, eating only meat doesn’t make you fat.

By the way, he said on TV that he eats about 500g of meat at a time.

(Oh, of course, he seems to continue training even if he retires from active duty.)

So what is the cause of getting fat? ??

“That’s fatty food.”

Many people may say that, in fact, the staple foods we eat every day, such as rice, bread, and noodles, are the fattest cause.

In other words, carbohydrates are the cause of obesity! That’s right.

It seems that there are many people who have actually succeeded in significant weight loss such as -10kg and -20kg for those who intensively went on a carbohydrate-free diet or a sugar-restricted diet.

“Then you should go on a carbohydrate-restricted diet.”

You might think, that there was a surprising pitfall in this method.

that is, “If you continue to limit carbohydrates for 5 years, the risk of death increases !!” or something like that .

This was widely covered in magazines and television, but it seems that extreme carbohydrate restriction increases the likelihood of contracting diseases such as arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction. No, this is scary and I don’t think I can do it, no matter how much I know I can lose weight.

In addition, carbohydrates are an energy source for the brain to work, so if they are insufficient, they will cause a decrease in concentration and the head will not work.

yes. This is also quite a problem.

Even if you succeed in dieting, if you get sick from work, you won’t be fashionable (sweat).

However, the method recommended by the doctor there is Carbohydrate restriction is performed only at night.

During the day, we spend a lot of energy on work and housework, so it is relatively easy to burn calories during activities.

However, since the amount of activity decreases at once at night, the sugar ingested at dinner is easily stored as body fat.

Moreover, it seems that the risk of death is low if the sugar is restricted only at night, so it seems that this can be done with considerable peace of mind.

This method seems to be especially effective for obese people, so I think it’s worth trying.

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