Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet
Does the Dukan Diet work?

The pure Protein Diet. The diet certainly works, between the wife and I, we have lost over 70kilos or 154 lbs in 6 months.

Like any diet you have to follow the diet correctly and include lots of variety in your diet, that is easy on this diet as you have 100 foods that you can eat freely to choose from.

You can however follow the diet with the information available on the web in English. There are recipes, forums and the English version of Dr. Dukan’s diet is coming along. Just google !!

NOTE: Always double-check recipes with the diet’s official instructions, some people have a wild imagination.

The secret is to continue the phases of the diet AFTER you have reached your desired Weight. Don’t just go back to your old way of eating or you will obviously put it all back on!

Dukan Diet Recipe

Does anyone have any protein-only recipes for the Dukan Diet?
I’ve just started the Dukan diet and was wondering if anyone had any good protein-only recipes? You can’t eat nuts, lamb, or pork at his stage, and can only have 0-3% fat dairy, so no cheese apart from cottage cheese and 0% cream cheese.

BREAKFAST – smoked salmon and low fat cottage cheese

SNACK – some crabsticks (surimi)

LUNCH – a packet of wafer-thin low-fat turkey eaten with low-fat unsweetened yogurt

SNACK – some mussels with a splash of vinegar

DINNER – grilled steak with a bit of low-fat cottage cheese

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