Healthy Diet Meal Plan

Healthy Diet Meal Plan

Healthy Diet Meal Plan

What would be a good healthy diet meal plan? I’m not looking for a quick-fix diet? My family and I would like to start living a healthier lifestyle. What type of things should we and shouldn’t we eat to do that?

Protein: lean meats & seafood, eggs, beans, tofu. Steak is a great source of iron, pick a lean cut & trim the extra fat.

Veggies & fruit: all (and I mean potatoes & corn, too)

Dairy: non-fat milk & yogurt, low-fat cheeses

Grains: quinoa, couscous, barley, bulgur, whole wheat bread & pasta

Oils: olive oil, canola oil, avocado, olives

I don’t believe in limiting foods that grow out of the ground. You won’t lose weight eating only these foods unless you count calories, but they’re healthy.

I also love the advice that your plate should be colorful. For example, chicken stir fry with red peppers & snow peas, or a grilled lean steak with baked sweet potato wedges & a side of broccoli dressed with a sprinkle of rice wine vinegar. It’s the best way to get a variety of nutrients.

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