This method is the best if you want to get rid of middle-aged fatness! !!

This method is the best if you want to get rid of middle-aged fatness! !!

Regardless of gender, as you get older, you will definitely get fat.

It’s a so-called middle-aged fat guy, but this phenomenon appeared before I was 30 years old …

This method is the best if you want to get rid of middle-aged fatness! !!

I think it’s a little early to say middle-aged, Apparently, it’s easy to get fat at this age.

As expected, if you get fat in your thirties, it will look old, and this is really dangerous! I have tried various methods to get rid of middle-aged fatness.

As a result of practicing various diet methods so far, the most effective way to eliminate middle-aged weight is It is a diet that focuses on muscle training and aerobic exercise.

The fasting diet, which fasts petit, also temporarily loses weight quickly, but after all, it rebounds and returns to its original shape, and middle-aged fatness has not been eliminated at all.

I also tried various supplements and some of them seemed to be effective.

After all, the thing that made me feel that my body changed the most was the exercise diet.

By the way, why is a diet centered on muscle training and aerobic exercise effective in eliminating middle-aged fatness?

That’s because as you get older, your muscles and endurance decline, and your body’s enzymes and metabolic capacity gradually decline.

Therefore, if you train muscles that have not been used by performing muscle training and burn fat with aerobic exercise, you can expect an effect to eliminate middle-aged fatness.

This is exactly the reason why I rebounded even if I lost weight by fasting.

If you temporarily restrict your diet, you can easily lose weight, At the same time, the metabolic function has declined, so it has become easier to store fat.

However, on the contrary, if the muscles are attached, the metabolism will increase, and the fat will burn easily.

So, even if the purpose of eliminating middle-aged fatness is the same, the direction you are heading is just the opposite.

However, I used to go to the gym for that reason, but gradually I was tired of going there, and in the end, my middle-aged fatness was not resolved and I was frustrated.

I found this at that time, but since it was a content that I could do muscle training and aerobic exercise reasonably, Even though I tend to give up, I was able to steadily lose weight and body fat and eliminate middle-aged fatness.

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