A vegetarian diet may be best for humans, really folks.

A vegetarian diet may be best for humans, really folks.

I’ve been on a vegetarian diet – or to be more exact – a vegan diet for almost 10 years now and while the first 3 were wrong due to my actions following misinformation, the last 7 or so have been the healthiest in my entire life. Not only was this dietary lifestyle the main reason I was able to cure my terrible case of acne, but it also miraculously cured my bad breath (to the point that I honestly don’t have the so-called breath morning) asthma and general lethargy.

The benefits of a vegetarian diet have led me to convince many associates to make a similar dietary change. This is the main reason why I am now writing this article for your edification if you are interested in such a diet lifestyle.

I will review popular items usually consumed by non-vegetarians and give you reasons why these substances should be eliminated or drastically reduced from the human diet.

The vegetarian diet: products avoided and reasons why

I am convinced that giving up all meat foods can be very beneficial for the health seeker. Raw fruits and vegetables contain ascorbic properties that prevent various diseases. The meat, however, can be affected by dreaded diseases such as intestinal worms, etc.

Many doctors forbid their patients to eat meat to relieve gout rheumatism. Russian Doctor Buteyko advises all asthmatics to abstain from ALL animal products and processed foods. This discipline has helped many asthmatics to abandon Ventolin. I am living proof. The meats are in a state of decomposition, producing a host of poisons, uric acid and mucus in the body.

They are very unbalanced, containing a large excess of protein while almost completely lacking in calcium and growth-promoting vitamins and minerals. Experiments reported by Farger and Walpole in the journal Physiology and Pathology show that putrefied meat contains many toxic substances, some of which cause an increase in blood pressure, which is why doctors forbid it for patients with high blood pressure.

If you must eat meat or flesh, eat only one kind a day in very small amounts and spaced very little between say once or twice a week, then with plenty of leafy greens and vegetables without starch.

I will discuss other items consumed by non-vegetarians and present reasons why such items should not be consumed…and why you may want to consider a vegetarian diet to improve and maintain your physical, mental and mental health. and spiritual.

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