5 Tips You Need to Know!

5 Tips You Need to Know!

Suffering Sinuses?

Next time an allergy sneezing attack comes on, take your thumbs and firmly press them just below the inner corners of your eyebrows, near the bridge of your nose. Hold for 30 seconds. Acupressurists say that applying pressure to this spot breaks up fluid buildup in sinus cavities.


Blast Belly Fat!


2 cups of watermelon a day will keep the belly fat away! Eat 2 cups a day for the next 2 weeks, in combination with a healthy diet, and you should lose 4lbs of extra belly bloat and fat according to a Standford University Research report. Why? Watermelon contains lycopene, a plant compound that speeds the release of trapped fluids and burns the fat stored in your abdomen.


Hidden Sugars


Next time you head to Panera Bread and think sipping on their Green Tea is healthy, think again. The Green Tea with Passion fruit packs 30 grams of sugar. Instead of having those empty calories, opt for the calorie-free Acai Berry Green Tea instead.


Print Your List!


Using a shopping list not only helps you to save money but will also keep you on track to losing weight. Researchers in Australia tracked 163 dieting women. Of those 163, half used a shopping list, half did not. Guess what? After 6 months- those who used a list dropped an average of 27lbs, which was 9 more pounds on average per person than those who did not use a list. These list users were able to resist the “impulse buy”. With eDiets you can access your list from your phone or print it out and take it with you from home. Planning meals ahead of time, by using eDiets, helps people better gauge caloric intake and stick to a meal schedule.


Beat Cravings


Did you know? Inhaling the aroma of pineapple can ward off cravings. In a Chinese report, pineapple’s organic compounds stimulate the brain’s satiety centre, which helps you feel full on smaller meals. One study concluded women who inhaled the scent of pineapple, without dieting, shed 1lb per week!

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