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Mucusless Diet

Arnold Ehret, whose Bright’s illness was declared incurable at the age of 31, wrote The Mucusless Diet Healing System.

Mucus and albumin in the urine, along with renal discomfort, were his main complaints. As a result, he came to the conclusion that the optimal diet for healing should be devoid of both mucus and albumin. As a result, he continued to learn about vegetarianism, naturopathy, medicine, and physiology.

He experimented with a number of dietary regimens with little success before beginning short fasts while following a fruit-based diet in Northern Africa, at which point he gradually noticed a significant improvement in his vigour.


He then started keeping lengthier fasts and adopted what he called a mucusless diet, and he was able to fully recover. He then started giving lectures and writing about his findings.

Mucusless Diet Healing System Basics

Ehret’s fundamental tenet was that every disease had a connection to a mucus-clogged system caused by an accumulation of abnormal and incompletely digested dietary elements that began in childhood. He thought that eliminating these barriers is necessary for vitality.

Ehret said that overeating and eating incorrect foods are the only two causes of sickness. He believed that fruit was the ideal cuisine and that all that was needed to achieve peak health was some green leafy vegetables and fruit.

Ehret created a mucus-free transition diet for people who want to adopt his method to regain their health and vitality but find the strict diet to be too restrictive. He actually cautions people against making sudden dietary changes because doing so can result in an excessive release of toxins that the body won’t be able to effectively remove. He advised eating two meals each day, mostly consisting of fresh produce, either cooked or raw, with a tiny amount of raw almonds.

Ehret suggested beginning his regimen with a two- or three-day fast since he was persuaded that fasting is the key to achieving good health. Once the dieter has completed the transition diet, he also encouraged them to engage in extended fasts that may last up to forty days. He thought that the brief daily overnight fast should be extended as much as possible by delaying the first meal of the day.

Recommended Foods

Fruit and green leafy vegetables; cooked or raw.


Sample Diet Plan


Fresh fruit (only if necessary)


Vegetable broth

Steamed vegetables

Baked sweet potato

Afternoon snack

Carrot juice


Large mixed salad


Exercise Recommendations

Walking, dancing and singing are the most natural workouts, according to Ehret, who recommends these activities for dieters who want to maintain their physical fitness. He warns dieters that extremes of any kind—including excessive exercise—are dangerous.

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