Here is how to prepare ice cream for diet

Here is how to prepare ice cream for diet
Diet ice cream… With some simple instructions and instructions, you can transform your favorite Western sweets to be suitable for dieting, learn about the delicious recipe for diet ice cream, try it at home and share your opinion on the taste. Cooking time: 20 minutes.. Serves: 4 people.

* Ingredients:

Banana: 2 tablets (chopped and separated).
Cocoa: half a cup (raw).
Milk: half a cup (skimmed).
Cherry: as desired (for garnish).

How to prepare:

1. In the electric mixer, mix the milk and the frozen banana well until the ingredients are homogeneous with each other.
2. Add cocoa and continue mixing well, and put the mixture in the freezer until it freezes.
3. Dress Noah ice cream with cherries, then serve it.

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