Fad diets don't work because they're flawed at the grassroots level!


Fad diets don't work because they're flawed at the grassroots level!
Fad dieting is a term used to describe a range of short-term, ad hoc dietary approaches used to temporarily lose weight through unsafe and unrealistic methods.
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There is a new method on the market every other day that falls into this category. Fat diets generally work like this:

  • For a short time (10 days to 1 month), your diet is limited to a selection of healthy foods or bad-tasting recipes. So, you are told to minimize your diet during this time. Diets vary a lot but generally, fats are completely avoided in these diets.
  • As a reaction to this “starvation diet”, your body cells initially lose water and there is a rapid apparent weight loss (due to water loss).
  • After the initial period of water loss, as you continue to starve, your body begins to burn muscle mass in order to meet energy needs. It still won’t start burning fat, which is the root reason for obesity. And because you’re avoiding fat in your diet during this time, your body will try to preserve every pound of fat it has in its store.
  • If the dieter continues with the fad diet for about 2 weeks to 1 month, eventually most of the muscle mass is burned and then the body starts burning stored fat without any other alternative to stay alive. But the dieter starts to get weak, gets lazy, and is not able to perform or live well in this initial phase of fat loss because it takes a lot more effort and time for that to happen. the body produces energy from fat rather than muscle.
  • And eventually, something breaks and usually, it’s the diet (and luckily, because otherwise, the dieter will starve to death losing fat). At this point, the dieter is back to their normal diet, but as it happens, the body is initially puzzled. He thinks some sort of joke is being played on him. First, a food supply that wouldn’t feed a mouse…and now…you’re feeding like an elephant.
  • So the body takes some time before it starts to restructure your muscles again and during this time it stores most of the food intake as excess fat.
  • So, at the end of it all, the dieter is back to their original weight gaining back all the weight they lost and often a little more.

This is how fad diets fail, every time they are followed, 100% of the time! because they are doomed to failure.

As described above, you cannot lose weight permanently on fad diets without starving yourself. So the fat diet approach is flawed at the basic level. It can never succeed in making you lose weight.

The only approach that works to get rid of the obesity problem for good is the simple lifestyle change approach to weight loss, which is all MagicallySLIM is all about.

‘MagicallySLIM: Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets Revealed’ provides you with cutting-edge weight loss information and resources, allowing you to lose weight and control your weight while eating what you want when you want, and as much as you want. you want and more It’s important to automate your weight management task on a subconscious level so that you don’t have to consciously worry about it.

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