Hawaiian diet

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Hawaiian diet

With this diet, you can eat as much as you want without gaining any weight.

The first and most important thing about this diet is that it completely changes your previous eating habits and teaches you how to eat healthily and what you actually need to eat to be in good health and shape.

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The second step in this diet is to strictly monitor what and how much you will eat per day. You are not limited in certain foods, but in the number of calories in your daily menu. You can eat whatever and as much as you want, but do not exceed 2500 calories per day. For this purpose, you should look at the table with

calories per 100 g of food

There you will find the energy value (calorie content) of the various products and you will be able to prepare your daily menu yourself without limiting yourself or depriving yourself of your favorite food.

In this way, you will simultaneously eat well and burn excess fat. However, under no circumstances should you exceed 2,500 calories per day. We recommend that you prepare your daily menu in advance, so you will know what your food will be and how to distribute it so that you do not overeat or go hungry. It is healthiest to eat less, but often 5-6 times a day.
You must remember that the point of the diet is not to starve, but to eat. Eat properly and healthily. And when you combine this diet with exercise, the results will be amazing – you will be in perfect shape and health.


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