Beginning Weight Watchers® can initially be both thrilling and intimidating. Here are some pointers to help you get going:

In January, I decided it was time to lose the baby weight and joined Weight Watchers. The new Freestyle™ program is absolutely amazing and I’m really enjoying the process so far. There are now more than 100 Zero Points® foods, including eggs, chicken breast, and seafood. I realized it wasn’t a diet, it was a life change, so progress was slow.

It can be very exciting and overwhelming at first. There is a lot to learn, it is the daily evolution of your diet. I thought I’d give you some easy tips to get you started right away!

Clean out your pantry! To start from scratch, you should carefully examine what you already have in your refrigerator and pantry. It’s hard to have tempting food around, trust me! For any items you keep, it can be helpful to write/mark the point value per serving at the top.

2- Find new Weight Watchers’ recommended favorites at Walmart. I love seeing Weight Watcher’s endorsement of products when I’m shopping, I always find a great new find!

Weight Watchers® Recommended JOLLY TIME® Healthy Pop® popcorn comes in 2 flavors and only 3 SmartPoints® for the entire bag! I like to make one at night as a filling, easy snack.

Brownberry® Sandwich Thins Rolls, recommended by Weight Watchers®, has always been my favorite, even before I became a member. I use them on breakfast sandwiches, burger buns, and light toasted sandwiches for lunch. You can even cut them into wedges for baking cookies!

Flatout® Flatbread, recommended by Weight Watchers®, comes in a variety of flavors and I’m always finding new uses for it! They vary between 2 and 4 SmartPoints®, which is surprising because they are filled with fibers. From flatbread pizza to grilled tortilla cups to grilled wraps, they have so many uses!

Stay hydrated. Once you get used to carrying a water bottle with you and drinking often, it will become a habit. If plain water is too bland, try lemonade, mint water, fruit water, or even soda. I use my fitness tracker to track my water intake throughout the day.

3-Find enjoyable methods to take advantage of the new FreestyleTM program’s zero points® items. I keep a printed copy of the zero-point things list in my wallet and on my refrigerator. I enjoy using it, especially when I’m hungry and low on points or am seeking a nutritious snack.

Eggs are a terrific snack or addition to a meal because they can be hard-boiled or even made into a quick omelet.

To increase the amount of fiber in your diet, add fruits and vegetables to everything. My sandwiches are generally piled high with vegetables like spinach, peppers, and cucumbers.

Remember to include frozen goods! They may be less expensive and simpler to store.

Increase your intake of fish; shrimp and tuna make delicious dinners!

For a quick post-workout snack, cold cubes of grilled chicken can be divided.

4. Add some heat. To season meat, salads, and vegetables, look for spice mixtures that are salt-free. Fresh herbs are also important to remember! The right time of year to experiment with creating a tiny herb garden on your windowsill

Refresh your condiments. Try replacing your salad dressings with yogurt-based or sugar-free alternatives that have fewer points. Since I enjoy spice, I frequently choose point-free sriracha or hot sauce. Sour cream can be substituted with Greek yogurt, which can also be used to make delicious dips and sauces.

6. Download the Weight Watchers app. You already spend time there every day; learn about all of its advantages! I enjoy discovering new dishes or ingredients to include in my menu. After scanning a food, click the small star in the corner to add it to your favorites and save time. It’s big assistance! I create the recipe under My Recipes when I prepare a meal at home.

7. Move that thing! Moving more will benefit you, even if it simply means parking a little further away. Whether or whether you spend your activity points is entirely up to you! I sync my fitness tracker with the application to track my activity points.

9-If you veer off course, don’t worry. You must be patient with yourself as you get started. I made an effort to follow the plan while we were on vacation, but I also wanted to have fun. (hello, beach beverages) I recalled that food was simply food…After that, I simply had to get back on track. “Dust yourself off and try again,” Aaliyah advised. It’s not a diet; it’s a new way of life.

10- Make friends! There are SO MANY AMAZING folks online contributing Weight Watchers merchandise, meal plans, and other content. Speaking publicly about your efforts to lose weight can also inspire you. Declare it loudly! On Twitter or Instagram, search for the hashtag #WeightWatchers to discover some fantastic advice and even new acquaintances.

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