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Baseball gloves are meant to adapt to the player’s hand, ability and even position to ensure better play in every game. This really counts in a baseball game and therefore you can’t be a complete player without the best baseball gloves. Looking at the gloves available in the market, you will find different sizes, fast pitch softball gloves, slow pitch softball gloves and even left handed gloves. The design of the gloves will determine whether they are suitable for infielders, outsiders, catchers or pitchers.

But while most baseball gloves look a lot alike, there are some major design elements that make them unique to each other. It is these characteristics that give baseball gloves the various field capabilities they have. When you begin by understanding the three main characteristics, then it will be easier for you to choose the most suitable gloves for your position, size and age as a player. Remember that your choice of gloves can determine the individual performance you have on the court.

1. The pocket

The indentation in the palm of the glove is called the glove pocket. This is where the ball lies with every catch. Baseball gloves can have a deep or shallow pocket and the depth determines the ease of transfer from the glove to the throwing hand. This is the function that will determine the player’s grip. Shallow glove pockets are ideal for quick play and are the perfect choice for outfielders who need to catch the ball quickly and throw even faster to attack the ball. Deeper pockets, on the other hand, are ideal for hard hits and hooking fly balls, and therefore are best suited for off-field.

2. The strap

The baseball glove strap connects the thumb of the glove to the fingers to help players catch and hold the ball. Most gloves have a highly specialized pattern on the strap, so ball recovery is improved, but generally the strap can be closed or opened. The closed canvas designs provide a strong and sturdy canvas thanks to the tightly woven leather designs. The result is a more rugged style for added support. The closed strap is a perfect choice for pitchers, catchers and outfielders. Open webs, on the other hand, offer faster ball transfers and are useful for catching pop flies as they provide better visibility. Infielders and Outfielders prefer this type of strap.

3. The back

Baseball gloves have an open back or a closed back. For the open back, the open space is above the wrist closure on the back of the glove and the design provides faster spin and mobility for outfielders in particular. Closed-back gloves offer more support and durability and are therefore preferred by away players; those with a finger hole are even better as they provide extra support for catching flies. But when it comes to the design of the back of the glove, it’s usually a matter of player preferences and nothing more.

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