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Why have a keynote?

The purpose of a keynote speaker is to set the stage for the rest of this event and to bring people together for the same purpose. A good keynote speaker should have an optimistic effect on your audience throughout the conference and even after it ends.

Understanding this, you can see why a particular person is being selected to do the main message i.e. to match a speaker to the main topic that you want your audience to learn. This can be achieved by finding someone who closely matches your business or topic.

To illustrate this point, you might have a product launch so a famous cook may not be suitable. On the flip side, this chef may have launched a range of kitchen utensils so he could talk about the market research process, sales strategy, and the various issues that come with bringing a new service.

What types of keynote speakers are there?

In general, there are four main ways to categorize keynote speakers.

Motivating speakers

This is the most common style of presenter used for opening speeches. They tend to have some notoriety for an achievement in an area like building a famous business, beating the odds somehow, or being a recognized author.

In fact, books are a common cause for individuals to become a motivational speaker i.e. they have recently written a book or maybe also have a training program that they want to sell.

These speakers tend to have a similar theme wherever they appear, which is not to say that the theme is irrelevant, but more likely that it is very elegant with more emphasis on them not on your lecture.

Technical expert

These people are rarely good candidates for an exciting speaker. Not because of gaps in their presentation skills, but mainly because their topic is more applicable than inspiring.

Also, as a staff member of a service or product provider, the presenter is irrelevant as they will have a tested business presentation.

This type of speaker defeats the purpose of a talk and is used as a specialized topic during the conference to add insight or context to a specific aspect.

Internal speakers

Many corporate event planners find it important to bring in a senior executive or senior management for the main presenter. This is generally not a good idea.

It is certainly good that someone from the upper echelons of the company speaks during the event, perhaps as the last speaker so that employees choose a support theme, but their content will inevitably serve the company. instead of setting the tone or emotional direction for the meeting.

The personalizer

A very rare category of keynote speaker, but this is the ultimate.

They find out what to expect from your conference or sales meeting. Then they will write a speech just for that intention. They will probably illustrate their speech with examples, their stories but the communications will all be geared towards your main objective.

Famous speakers

You can also hire famous speakers – sports stars, comedians, and actors, but they’re unlikely to be the best for an opening speech, but they would definitely be popular for an after-dinner speaker.


To have an effective sales convention or meeting, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the desired outcome. Once you have that, you can then select a keynote speaker who can lead your delegates to that intention. And by recognizing speaker categories, it’s possible to see if their style or topic matches your goals.

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