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Unwanted content, trackers, cookies, there are many elements that jeopardize your privacy while browsing online. While it is possible to limit some of them, especially by changing the settings of your regular web browser, it is still difficult to surf without leaving a trace.

To reduce the risks, it is therefore better to use a specialized browser. We have selected five of them offering various tools and options that will help you reduce unwanted content and other trackers and allow you to easily delete all your browsing data.

1. Firefox Focus

Powered by Mozilla, Firefox Focus offers private browsing that is as simple as it is efficient. This browser protects you against the various existing trackers and allows you to effectively remove unwanted elements to give you faster browsing. There you can configure the search engine of your choice, but above all, erase your entire browsing history (passwords, cookies, trackers, etc.) by pressing a single button.

Note however, if Firefox Focus is efficient, however, it will only allow you to open one tab at a time.

2. DuckDuckGo

Yes DuckDuckGo is basically a search engine known to protect the privacy of its users, it also has a dedicated web browser on iOS and Android. Thanks to it, you will be able to launch your queries on the search engine, but also quite simply surf while taking advantage of various protection tools.

DuckDuckGo thus blocks trackers and does not collect any data about you while you are browsing. The application, which has partnered with Terms of Service Didn’t Read, also allows you to obtain a rating and classification for the sites you visit with regard to their terms of use and their privacy policy. You can quickly see which sites have a good or bad confidentiality rating (ranging from A for the best to F for the poor students).

Finally, when you exit the browser, you can choose to quickly close all tabs and delete all your browsing data by pressing a dedicated button in the center of the application toolbar.

3. Brave

Well known on desktop, Brave is also available on iOS and Android. The browser which has made a specialty of blocking advertisements, trackers and other unwanted content will undoubtedly be one of the preferred alternatives for daily surfing from your mobile.

Because the browser is also able to block the pop-ups that would open on the screen, and will offer you to put a stop to all the scripts present on the pages that you consult. Brave prides itself on offering navigation that can go 2 to 8 times faster than with a traditional browser.

Brave also includes the HTTPS Everywhere plug-in which will offer you secure browsing regardless of the site consulted. To help you realize how much time you would have wasted with a classic browser, Brave keeps track of blocked items, HTTPS connections made and loading time saved during your online travels.

Download Brave for Android (Free)
Download Brave for iPhone (Free)

4. Ghostery

Best known for its desktop browser extensions, Ghostery is also available on mobile as a dedicated web browser. The application offers classic browsing in which trackers, pop-ups and advertising content are automatically blocked, as well as private browsing incorporating elements of normal mode, but without any history being kept.

For each page viewed, Ghostery will let you know the number of items that have been blocked. However, the browser leaves the user the option of selecting the items to block or keep during navigation.

Finally, Ghostery allows you to quickly delete your browsing data very quickly from a dedicated button. Again, you can choose the items (tabs, search history, browsing history, downloaded files, etc.) to delete or keep.

5. Opera Touch

Opera has long offered solutions for browsing the web without unwanted content. Opera touch is one of them and allows you to enjoy browsing without advertising content on both iOS and Android. The browser also offers protection against cryptocurrency mining and will allow you to bypass cookie dialogs.

While it remains less complete and much less aggressive than other competitors, Opera touch offers several navigation systems: Standard, with a toolbar at the bottom of the screen, and with a Quick Action Button to let you navigate with one hand. You can also choose to surf in private browsing, so that no browsing history is saved on your device.

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