Could this be the real kick-off for 5G in France? Operators can now use the frequencies obtained at auction and launch their bids before the end of the year. Perhaps Google’s new Pixel 5 smartphone will be a prime 5G model on this occasion. It will in any case allow you to contact your friends on Messenger, even if you only use Instagram following the announcement of the interoperability of the two Facebook messengers.

The 5G frequencies allocated

It only took three days for operators to complete the auction on 5G frequencies. With nearly 2.8 billion euros spent overall, the investment seems at first glance a good deal for them. Orange is first the big winner with 4 blocks obtained from these frequencies between 2.4 and 2.8 GHz. SFR obtained 3, and Bouygues and Free only 2. Orange is already preparing its packages, with prices rising sharply: from 30 to 80 euros depending on the range.

Pixel 5, Nest Audio, Chromecast: the new features Made by Google

With its Pixel 5, Google wants to forget the previous model, not very convincing. At 629 euros, it’s a very well-equipped mid-range smartphone and incorporating a wide-angle lens for the first time. The Nest Audio speaker (99 euros) will replace the venerable Google Home of 2014, with special emphasis on sound. Finally, the new Chromecast (69 euros) turns into a real TV box, equipped with a remote control and the new Google TV interface.

Instagram and Messenger can communicate together

Facebook has been talking about it for over a year and a half, and it is now concrete. It will be possible to contact someone on Messenger from Instagram. And vice versa. No need to think about which application to use to reach this or that person. The functionality has been unified on occasion, with Instagram’s messaging taking over Messenger’s.

Uber’s autonomous car is slipping

In an email sent to Uber’s CEO, the head of the company’s autonomous driving division warns him of the malfunctions of the project. Despite five years of work and $ 2.5 billion invested, Uber still can’t get its autonomous vehicles to run properly. This is certainly the fault of the fatal accident of a passerby hit by a group car in 2018. Since then, safety has become the watchword of development, undermining more daring technological research.

Watch Disney + with friends without leaving home

With GroupWatch, it is possible to virtually gather up to 6 people to watch a program at the same time. All participants have control over the reading and can exchange emojis during the session. A real “responsible Covid” service.

iOS 14 benefits iPhone battery life

Faced with all the tweets from users unhappy with their iPhone’s battery life since the iOS 14 update, the 01net lab wanted to find out. We tested that of an iPhone 11 Pro, before and after the update. It turns out that it achieves a performance on average 23 minutes better than under iOS 13. The impression can come from the fact that during the first days after installation, iOS 14 performs background operations requiring a little more. resources than usual.

So much for this summary of the news for the week of September 28 to October 2, 2020. We look forward to seeing you next Saturday for a new episode.

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