With a name that could not be simpler of “Arcade Stick”, the new 8Bit-Do controller announces the color: it is there to make you (re) live the sensations of the arcade rooms to play Street Fighter Alpha 32 Prime . This is not 8Bit-Do’s first arcade stick since the brand had already launched the N30 Arcade Stick three years ago. But the latter took a retro design very (too?) Borrowed from Nintendo’s NES.

If the Arcade Stick 2020 retains part of this DNA – color codes, shape of certain buttons – the parentage is less glaring and the device offers more limited compatibility – exit the official supports for Raspberry Pi, Mac OS and other Android, only the PC (and Steam) and the Switch are in the game – but richer in functions.

On the one hand, the components of the device can easily be changed or replaced (moddable in the jargon) thanks to easy access to the various components (Sanwa actuators, etc.). On the other hand, the Arcade Stick can work with or without wire (it integrates its own battery) and benefits from two macro buttons as well as a software for creating game profiles. Enough to switch from Mortal Kombat to Metal Slug without addicts.

A quality / price ratio that promises

If 8Bit-Do quickly made a name for itself, it is because its controllers (often cross-platform) are of very good quality. While it is currently impossible to judge the final quality of this particular product, our experience with various previous models – N30Pro, SF30 Pro – bodes well.

And the price is really contained: compared to some competitors who are displayed at 200 or even 300 euros, the Arcade Stick is displayed in the USA at a price of $ 90, or about a hundred euros in our latitudes. , with VAT. US availability is announced on October 20, 2020 – no date for France / Belgium / Switzerland at the moment.

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