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As you walk down the street, if you pass a park or a playground, you can see a number of people involved in different activities. Some can be seen engaged in cycling; some are using baseball equipment, while someone is busy teaching baseball lessons to those who appear to be amateurs. Almost everyone is engaged in some sort of activity. It’s pretty obvious that young people are more interested in physical activities than just sitting or playing board games. Yet each individual enjoys a different type of sport. When you think about categorizing sports, the number of categories is incredible. From bat and ball sports to motorsports, from board sports to tail sports, from water sports to skydiving, there are just too many.

To classify so many sports into definite categories is certainly a difficult task. But roughly speaking, we manage to suggest few criteria allowing a sport to be placed in the closest possible category. Using these criteria, the categories that were formed are as follows,

• Racing sports: in racing sports there are a number of competitors who compete against each other and sometimes as a team. The fundamental objective of a race is to be the fastest and the first to reach a goal. Running sports can be subdivided into three types of sports; human-powered sports such as running and swimming, human-assisted such as cycling and rowing, and externally-powered such as motorsports and sailing.

• Opposing sports: These sports are generally a competition between two opponents where the scores obtained by the players determine the winner. Adverse sports can also be divided into three main categories. Court sports are those played on a court such as tennis, badminton and squash. Combat sports are an individual physical encounter between the opponent like karate and boxing. And team sports are those in which teams compete with other teams, for example football and cricket. It is possible that a court sport is also a team sport.

• Successful sports: Successful sports can be thought of as those in which players show their abilities. Categories can help you understand it more clearly. There are three types of successful sports; Target sports are those in which the objective is to hit a target such as shooting and archery. Demonstration sports are those in which participants demonstrate certain skills or movements such as weight training, gymnastics and diving. In strength sports, participants show their strength as in weightlifting and triple jump.

• Athletics: And finally there is athletics in which the competitors have to show their abilities in a combination of different sports of the above mentioned categories. We can roughly divide them into running, jumping, and throwing. Players must participate in a series of different games and the one with the highest score is the winner.

It was just a rough categorization of sports, if you go into more in-depth studies of all of those categories. However, if you study each category individually, you will see that it can still be sub-categorized into many other categories.

Source by Connor R Sullivan

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