On Saturday August 15, a Togolese Internet user, Magloire Bolouvi, contacted the editorial staff of Observers de France 24 on WhatsApp to alert about this video.

Message sent to the editorial staff of Observers de France 24 on Saturday 15 August. Screenshot.

He explains why the posts that use it are fake:

I subscribe to a lot of pages and accounts on WhatsApp and on social networks and I often receive viral information, including a lot of “fake news”. So, I am very careful with what I see on the Internet. I spotted this video last week and saw that it caused a lot of reaction: there were a lot of comments, of “likes”. But she seemed a little unrealistic.

I inspected the video and saw this line on the sign in front of the two men: “Golaha Wakiilada” and saw that it meant “the House of Representatives”. Additionally, my online search results for those words referred to Somaliland. The flag also seems to correspond with that of Somaliland. This Somali region declared itself independent from Somalia in 1991, even though Somaliland is not recognized by the international community.

The sign and the flag, elements spotted by our Observer to verify the video. Screenshot.

On YouTube, I searched for the words “Golaha Wakiilada” and “fight”, which means “brawl” in English. I was able to detect a video that corresponded to the one I had seen on the networks: it is in a long version dated September 2015. The video published on the social networks is therefore not new.

Then, I researched members of the House of Representatives in Somaliland to locate the people in the video. I was able to identify that the men in question are Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi, president of the National Assembly at the time and Bashe Mohamed Farah, vice-president, who will succeed him in 2017. I in turn shared this verification in groups.

I think people published it to show that African politicians are “moralless”. But I always say to my friends: when you see sensational information like this, try to verify before commenting and sharing.

Search YouTube for keywords. Screenshot.

A fight linked to the management of fuel tanks

According to the AFP correspondent in Somalia, quoted by AFP Factuel, the altercation took place after a dispute over a motion concerning the management of fuel tanks in the port of Berbera, Somaliland. The article explains: “The president of the separatist state initially hired a company to manage these reservoirs, but parliament subsequently overturned the head of state’s decision.”
Several lawmakers then tabled a motion to reverse this decision by Parliament, but the President of the National Assembly declared that the debate was closed. The vice-president, always according to our colleagues from AFP, had then taken the microphone to request the continuation of the discussions, which led to the fight. Articles, including this one in Somali language published in September 2015, also documented the incident.

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