If you are a soccer fan, you have probably heard of this legendary midfielder, former member of the Croatian national team. Robert Prosinecki was born in 1969 in Schwenningen, Germany, where his parents worked. He came to Croatia at a very young age and started playing for Dinamo Zagreb, but coach Miroslav Blazevic fired him saying his (un) famous line: “ If this boy becomes a real football player, I will eat my coaching diploma. ”

I don’t know if his diploma stayed in one piece, but Robert Prosinecki then signed for the Belgrade Red Star and made his debut for the Yugoslavian national team. In fact, in 1987. Robi or Zuti (“the yellow one”, because of his blond hair) caught the attention of the whole world during the Youth World Championship in Chile where he was named player of the tournament!

Who would have thought that this midfielder would become the only player in World Cup history to score for two different national teams? In Italy 1990, Prosinecki scored a goal for Yugoslavia in a group match against the United Arab Emirates. As Yugoslavia collapsed soon after, Robi became a prominent member of the Croatian national team. Eight years later, in the FIFA World Cup final in France, he scored 2 goals, in a group match against Jamaica and in the third place match against the Netherlands. The second goal included his famous technique, which completely deceived the opposing players.

Croatia won third place that year (with striker Davor Suker as the Golden Boot winner), but among many Croats there is still regret for what could have happened if only the Coach Blazevic did not leave Robert Prosinecki on a bench in the semi-final game against France. , which Croatia lost 1: 2.

However, 3rd place in a World Cup will forever be the crown of his career, but let’s not forget that he also won the European Cup with the Belgrade Red Star in 1991, and played for the two big Spanish clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona. In Portsmouth, where he only played during the 2001/2002 season, Robert is even now considered a hero and his nickname was “Croatian Magician”.

I met this football genius about 10 years ago, you never know where – at the art gallery! No, he did not become a painter, but he opened a painting exhibition as a special guest. Quiet and down to earth, he then gave autographs and took photos with his fans.

Robert Prosinecki ended his playing career in 2004. But his famous dribbling, assists and goals are already some of the greatest moments in football history.

Source by Hijacinta Svabelj

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