a full update on the characteristics of the next Microsoft consoles


Xbox Series S or Series X? Microsoft will offer us the choice on November 10, when it launches its two new consoles.
The American giant wishes to satisfy all players and deliver them gaming solutions that are in harmony with their budgets. Thus, Xbox fans or Sony players who want to try the Microsoft experience, out of curiosity, will have the choice between two models:

  • The S Series: an all white console (with a big black eye), touted as more powerful than the current Xbox One X, very compact and quite capable of running next-gen games well, but not always in the sacrosanct 4K. It is also, and above all, a superb platform for accessing the Game Pass offer and ensuring the transition to all dematerialized since the 4K Blu-ray player is not part of the game.

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  • The Series X: the real monster, which will swallow polygons in bundles, will have a pretty impressive size. It will be able to display Full HD and 1440p at 120 fps without worry, native 4K at 60 fps with equal ease and even push the limits to 8K, arguably not native. The console will have a 4K optical drive and will therefore be able to ingest both game cakes and movies that you may already have at home, because, we remind you, backward compatibility is guaranteed. Both on the downloaded titles and on the physical ones.

In order to better see the differences between the two consoles at first glance, what could be better than a good commented summary table.

The S Series: less powerful but no less attractive

As our table shows, the S Series follows in the footsteps of the X Series. It is not a Xbox one x boosted and even less a console next gen cheap. On paper, it would be up to four times more powerful than the Current One S.

It is not aimed at the same population of players as the Series X. What is striking is the delta of power between the two consoles next gen from Microsoft. Not at the processor level, since there is only 200 MHz of difference between the eight computing units, all hyperthreaded (the SMT at AMD), Series S and Series X.

However, there are 2.5 times fewer graphics processing units and three times less TFLOPS to develop on the S! But that’s not a problem: Microsoft seems quite confident and is counting on the very good performance of AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture. Its efficiency in generating large amounts of frames per second in current games and titles next gen will undoubtedly have been widely tested by engineers.

Specifically, according to data provided by Microsoft, the S Series ensures the display of polygons in 1440p at 60 frames per second minimum. It will be able to exceed this limit provided that the developers employ some tricks of graphic rendering.
Better, it will push the song up to 4K via technologies, again, graphics known for their ability to upscale images without damaging them too much or adding unwelcome blur effects.

Speaking of beautiful images, the Series S and Series X are on par on support for the DXRaytracing but also … on the whole range of technologies that Microsoft had announced as supported by the Series X.

We do have some reservations about the S’s ability to do 1440p ray tracing at 60 frames per second in games, however. next gen, but we only ask to be surprised!

A somewhat limited SSD for 100% dematerialized

The weak point of the Series S for movie buffs and physical game copy enthusiasts that we are is the lack of an optical drive. Like the One S All-Digital, the S Series is intended for those who swear by the dematerialized.
The paradox in all of this is that the 512GB SSD won’t be able to accommodate huge amounts of movies and games. We will have to make choices.
The first will be to host the old generation games that you have not finished or that you would collect via the Game Pass, on an external hard drive – we’re not talking about Seagate Expansion Cards here, but USB storage. The Series S, like Series X, will be able to run them from this type of device without any problem, but not the next gen titles.

Anyway, we can’t wait to see this little white box at work, just like its big sister, all black. Not to mention the PlayStation 5, from Sony, of which we do not know, for the time being, the launch date or the official price. She too has widely shown what she would have under the hood last March.

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