5Gbit / s, it does not necessarily seem spectacular as a speed. Yet this is a speed that had not yet been reached in 5G. The record has just been set by operator Verizon, associated with OEMs Ericsson and Qualcomm. Ercisson made its radio and Qualcomm equipment available its X60 5G chip with latest generation antenna modules.

Extraordinary experimental conditions

However, it should be noted that the demonstration took place in the laboratory under optimal conditions where the network is not shared by multiple users. But above all, the conditions of the experiment are out of the ordinary. The team aggregated 800 MHz into the 28 GHz band and 40 MHz into 4G of different frequencies. 800 MHz of spectrum plus 40 MHz is huge! Orange, which is the operator to have scooped the most 5G frequencies so far, only has 90 MHz, to which it can add its 83.5 MHz of spectrum in other technologies.

The ultimate goal remains to achieve speeds of 10 Gbit / s in 5G when the technology is at its maximum potential and deployment. In France, the allocation of the 26 GHz millimeter frequency band is not expected until at least 2022. It is also the one that is the most controversial because we still lack scientific data on its effects on health and on the transmission power of small antennas.

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