a new arsenal of peripherals for gamers who swear by color


With the Color Collection, Logitech is preparing to brighten up the monotony of the peripherals that dominate our gaming desks. Goodbye black, silver gray and dark blue! The G203 and G305 mice will soon be available in blue, white and lilac in addition to black.
As for the prestigious G915 TKL gaming keyboard, released recently, it will be offered in white / silver and no longer only in black.

A new polychromic helmet

The most colorful of all these new devices is the newcomer, the wireless headset. G733 LightSpeed. A new model that Logitech released especially for the occasion and that the Swiss manufacturer clearly designates as the flagship of this range. We can’t say that the design is very airy, nor very discreet … But if the comfort is there, so much the better.

One thing is certain: it will surely appeal to all those who are tired of having only black on the head and under the fingers.

The G733 has earphones covered with (colored) memory foam whose frame incorporates the volume control knob, a flexible boom microphone and controls integrated into its earphones.

Like mice, the helmet is available in four colors (white, blue, black and lilac) and offers colored bands that can be interchanged with models sold separately, on the market (almost 10 euros by banner).

Garments that will also be possible to adapt to other helmets of the brand in order to break a little with the surrounding darkness. Logitech has even planned new adornments for some of its microphones. What sets you apart from others streamers the next time you stream on Twitch.

Good point, at Logitech, the color does not dirty the bill. Count 149 euros for the G733 LightSpeed ​​headset, 230 euros for the keyboard, 60 euros for the G305 and 40 euros for the G203.

Finally, the headbands for the headphones will be available in 5 versions, priced at 10 euros per unit, a price which also applies to the set of covers for the microphones, 5 per box. All this new colorful arsenal will be available from September 7 in stores.

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