Not all mobile gamers want to put more than $ 800 in a smartphone to enjoy peak performance. That’s why Qualcomm continues to expand its midrange chip offering. The new kid of the day is the Snapdragon 750G which, as its “G” suffix indicates, belongs to the “Elite gaming” family of the American chip designer.

Successor of 730G who was the second chip of the family ” Elite Gaming ”, It is below the 768G and 765 / 765G in terms of functionality. But it offers the same 5G connectivity with its X52 modem compatible with Sub-6 and mmWave. And above all it has a CPU with two “big” latest generation Cortex A77 cores (seconded by x6 A55 cores) as well as an improved GPU compared to its ancestor (+ 10% pure graphics performance).

All with a software part specific to the “Snapdragon Elite Gaming” chips. A name which brings together, in addition to the traditional functions of Snapdragon such as Quick Charge 4+, exclusive functions dedicated to the game.

We thus find:

  • a display problem reducer – the Game Jank Reducer (the jank term for graphics problems caused by the difference between the number of images produced by the chip and the number of images per second displayed by the screen);
  • HDR Gaming rendering (with compatible screens);
  • reduced Wi-Fi latencies for online gaming;
  • an internal cheat software detection driver (for competitions)
  • etc.

And especially an Android graphics driver system that can be updated via a dedicated app. Enough to benefit from the continuous optimization work of Qualcomm’s software engineers, since smartphone manufacturers do not want (or cannot) regularly update the smartphone’s “core” drivers.

If some terminals equipped with the Snapdragon 750G will arrive in Europe, the character displayed “gaming” of the chip intends to find its true audience in Asia. A continent where populations are much more fond of mobile games than in Europe, where competition from PCs and consoles is stronger – both for cultural reasons and for purchasing power.

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