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His full name is Robert Emmanuel Pires. He was born on October 29, 1973 in Reims. Pires is of Portuguese and Spanish descent. His playing position on the field is that of winger / attacking midfielder. Pires could play all over the midfield or somewhere to support the attacker (s) although he usually takes on the left wing role. He is a French footballer who currently participates for Villarreal from the Spanish club.

At the club level he played for senior clubs such as Metz in 1992-1998, Marseille in 1998-2000, Arsenal in 2000-2006 and Villarreal in 2006 -.

He was a member of the winning team of the France 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000. He must have failed to spot the 2002 World Cup due to an injury which he sustained while playing on behalf of the Arsenal club. Pires also played at the 1996 Olympics and Euro 2004. Pires collected 79 caps for his national team and scored 14 goals. At the 2001 Confederations Cup, Pires also won the Ballon d’Or and Golden Shoe in Korea / Japan.

During his professional football career, Robert Pires garnered numerous honors and achievements. Some of them are 1996 League Cup Winner (Metz), 1998 World Cup Winner (France), 1999 UEFA Cup Finalist (Marseille), 2000 European Championships Winner (France), 2001 FA Cup Finalist (Arsenal), 2001 Confederation Cup Winner (France), 2002 Premier League Winner (Arsenal), 2003 FA Cup Winner (Arsenal), 2003 Confederation Cup Winner (France ), 2004 Premier League winner (Arsenal), 2005 FA Cup winner (Arsenal), 2006 Champions League runner -up (Arsenal).

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