a spectacular rise in fiber optic subscribers


Of course, the health crisis has somewhat impacted the activities of Free and its parent company Iliad. But its sales recovery initiated last year is important. On landlines, it is once again the operator that recruits the most subscribers with 215,000 new subscribers in the second quarter. Which had not happened to him for seven years.

5 million FttH subscribers expected in 2024

Free is particularly successful on optical fiber by gaining 243,000 subscribers in the second quarter, which allows it to reach 2 million FttH subscribers and 16.7 million eligible customers. A success that is not due to Freebox Pop released in July. However, Free would bet heavily on it for the future. He thus pays himself the luxury of revising his objectives upwards. He now estimates it will reach 2.8 million FttH subscribers (down from 2 million) by the end of the year and 5 million by 2024.

Iliad is finally announcing today that it will embark on fixed internet access in Italy before summer 2021.

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