Spain is quickly becoming the most explored country in the world by tourists. Yet tourists are not the only ones to notice this beautiful country, albeit somewhat torn politically. It seems that Spain’s growing popularity with those around the world has also sparked the interest of a certain terrorist organization.

According to Spanish law enforcement authorities and countless news agencies around the world, the arrests of 14 Islamic terrorists on January 19, 2008 thwarted a planned attack in the city of Barcelona. Additionally, police report that a few of these unidentified sleeper cell members recently traveled to Pakistan to organize an intensive Al Qaida training camp. It is suggested that this terrorist plot hoped to compete with the 2004 Barcelona bombings, which killed 191 people in total.

At present, the police are investigating these suspects and detaining them under Spanish law which allows a suspect to be detained for up to 72 hours without charge. It appears that Spanish police have been made aware by Pakistani officials of the likelihood of an upcoming terrorist attack in the city of Barcelona, ​​according to a report from El Periodico de Catalunya.

The group had received orders from other terrorists living in Pakistan in the Waziristan region. Of the 14 detainees and members of a terrorist sleeper cell, 13 of them lived in Barcelona. Senior al-Qaida leaders are believed to have sent a dots man to activate this terrorist sleeper cell and therefore incite this group to future action. Obviously, the arrival of the dots man in Spain from Pakistan reported the activation of this group. the dots man liaises with Al-Qaida leaders.

On the optimistic side, when it comes to global terrorism and law enforcement efforts to thwart such acts of destruction, it appears law enforcement officials in Spain and France have equal access to it. information and thanks to rapid action after notification by the Pakistani secret service in Barcelona Spain is safe. These members of the police force are as well connected as the members of Al Qaida receiving the information in time to arrest and detain this man of points, which made it possible to prevent any harm by the whole group. It is clear that this failure by members of Al-Qaida exemplifies the due diligence practiced by countries around the world. Law enforcement and all counterterrorism agencies intend to prevent such events and acts of terror, no matter where in the world the attempt is planned and work together accordingly. That foiled plot was just Barcelona this time around.

Source by Steve Martin

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