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A few days before the release of the PlayStation 5, the first tests of the new Sony console should not be long in arriving. This weekend, many media and influencers posted an image of the console box on social media to indicate that their tests were underway. The last secrets of the PS5 should therefore be known soon.

In the meantime, YouTuber Austin Evans has decided to tackle the console controller, the DualSense. Without saying how, he managed to get his hands on the accessory in preview and has fun testing his abilities on his channel.

Compatible with Android and Windows

Delivered without a charging cable (like the controllers on the PS4), the DualSense controller gave Austin Evans some good first impressions. Its build quality would be vastly superior to that of the DualShock 4 and Sony really paid attention to detail. We note in particular that the back of the controller is covered with microscopic PlayStation logos with the iconic cross, square, circle and triangle.

To everyone’s surprise, the PS5 DualSense controller is recognized by a PS4. However, it is impossible to play or navigate the menus with it. You can only use it as a microphone… which is not really very useful. On the other hand, on Windows and Android, it works perfectly. The drivers are probably the same as those for the DualShock, which allows both operating systems to be compatible with the DualSense upon release. Austin Evans also had fun starting an Xbox game using xCloud on his Android smartphone… and playing with the PS5 controller. Everything works fine, even though Xbox games don’t allow adaptive trigger testing.

As for Macs and iOS devices, we don’t know yet. The YouTuber has not tested these devices but it is hard to imagine Apple staying away. Everything should work at launch.

DualSense, first disassembly

Finally, Austin Evans wanted to open the controller of the PS5. If we can not speak of a real disassembly (he did not remove every part of the controller), this allows us to discover that the DualSense has a 1560 mAh battery, two microphones, a fairly large speaker and discover the long mechanical parts under the triggers probably dedicated to haptic feedback. Note that opening the controller is not easy, the YouTuber broke the back of the accessory while performing this manipulation.

Marketed a little less than 70 euros, the DualSense controller is unsurprisingly a move upmarket compared to its predecessor. You just have to find out what it will offer in PS5 games.

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