Fans of Lightroom on iOS are biting their fingers. Many users of Adobe’s photo developer app have lost their photos and pre-defined editing presets after performing Lightroom update 5.4.0 on their iPhone or iPad.

Years of work lost

Victims of this strange bug who contacted Adobe customer service were told that the problem had no solution and that the deleted photos were not recoverable. Among those concerned, some explain having lost several years of photographic retouching.

Adobe, which has since confirmed the issue, apologized and said a new update (5.4.1) has been made available to prevent the issue from recurring. Unfortunately for users who have already installed the previous version, the Adobe patch will not allow them to recover lost work.

In a statement, the publisher explains that the issue only affected Lightroom mobile users who did not have an Adobe cloud subscription, as well as those who did not sync their photos and edits before the release. update. However, the Lightroom publisher indicates that some data may be recoverable through an iOS backup.

Source: The Verge, Adobe

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