The American president, tested positive for Covid-19, was admitted Friday evening in a military hospital, while ensuring, in a brief video message, to be “very well”. Concern is spreading to the Republican camp one month before the presidential election against Democrat Joe Biden who, during this time, is campaigning on the ground.

New thunderclap in the American presidential campaign: Donald Trump, tested positive for Covid-19, was admitted to hospital on Friday October 2. One month before the election, the president of the first world power left the White House without a word, wearing a mask, to reach by helicopter the Walter Reed military hospital, in the suburbs of Washington.

“I want to thank everyone for the amazing support (…) I think I’m doing great, but we’ll make sure things go well,” he said in a video message posted on Twitter shortly after he left.

According to his spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany, this hospitalization, which should last “a few days”, was decided “for the sake of extreme caution” and on the recommendation of medical experts. Donald Trump will work there “from the presidential offices,” she said.

Donald Trump “has morale”

Donald Trump “continues to suffer from fatigue but has morale,” said his doctor Sean Conley on Friday afternoon in a new health report in a tone less serene than in the night, when he assured that his patient was “well” “. Doctors injected him with a dose of the experimental cocktail of synthetic antibodies developed by the company Regeneron.

“Donald Trump is treated with synthetic antibodies, an experiential treatment”

Experts stressed the danger of injecting the most powerful man in the world with a drug that was certainly promising but still so little tested, because of the possible side effects. With elderly patients, “I am generally very careful about anything experimental and has not been proven,” Carla Perissinotto, a geriatrician at the University of California, San Francisco, told AFP.

The American president, who has continued to minimize the pandemic and has increased the number of gatherings often in defiance of health rules, himself announced this rebound in a campaign tense to the extreme.

“The First Lady and I have tested positive for Covid-19,” wrote the Republican billionaire, 74, on the night of Thursday to Friday, in a tweet that quickly broke records for “likes”. He explained that he and Melania Trump were going into “quarantine”.

“Mild symptoms”

The officials of the White House, while evoking “slight symptoms”, wanted to be reassuring on his “rapid recovery”, insisting that he remained in control of the country.

Concretely, his campaign is stopped dead. The president’s team, which regularly boasts of being in good health, announced that “all planned events” will either become “virtual” or “postponed”. The Republican candidate must therefore give up the meetings he loves – and on which he seemed to be counting to catch up with his persistent delay in the polls for the November 3 election.

Donald Trump is widely criticized for his management of the epidemic, which weighs on his chances of re-election. He is accused of having lacked compassion for the victims of the virus and of having sent contradictory signals about its seriousness, on potential treatments and on wearing the mask, which he rarely endorses after having been there. long refused.

Joe Biden in the countryside

After wishing Donald and Melania Trump a “speedy recovery”, Joe Biden, who tested negative on Friday morning, hit the nail on the head. “It’s not about playing hard. It’s about playing your part. Wearing a mask will not only protect you but also those around you,” he said in Michigan.

The Democratic candidate, 77, maintained this trip just three days after sharing the scene of the first presidential debate with his Republican opponent. Uncertainty now hangs over the next duel, scheduled for October 15.

But Joe Biden, often mocked by the outgoing president for his retreating campaign in the name of the precautionary principle, seems determined to continue to roam the most disputed states while Donald Trump is confined. His campaign team, however, decided to remove its spots from anti-Trump ads upon the announcement of his diagnosis.

The worry grows

Beyond the campaign, some observers are already wondering about the institutional consequences of a hypothetical impediment by the president: Vice-president Mike Pence would take the reins of both the country and the Republican campaign.

In the immediate future, Mike Pence, tested negative Friday morning, will continue his electoral trips. But concern was spreading to the Republican camp, several personalities of which have tested positive in recent days, such as party president Ronna McDaniel and Senator Mike Lee, who recently surrendered to the presidency. The former adviser to Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway also announced on Saturday evening that she had tested positive for Covid-19.

The first alert came Thursday evening from the positive test of Hope Hicks, a close advisor to Donald Trump who traveled with him Tuesday and Wednesday. The White House has since started tracing contact cases of those who approached the ex-real estate mogul, knowing that an infected person usually begins to be contagious two days before symptoms appear. However, she did not explain how one of the most protected men on the planet contracted the virus.

Support messages

“Although we are in the midst of a great political fight, and we take it very seriously, we also want to send our best wishes to the President of the United States (and) the First Lady,” said Democratic predecessor Barack. Obama.

Many world leaders have also expressed their wishes for a “speedy recovery” to Donald Trump and his wife.

Among them, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, himself seriously affected a few months ago. “I am convinced that your natural vitality, your vigor of soul and your optimism will help you to defeat this dangerous virus”, wrote to him, more emphatically, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Poutine.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte sent two messages, in English, of “friendship” and wished “a speedy recovery” to the Trump couple. “Stay strong,” concludes Emmanuel Macron’s words to Donald Trump.

The head of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, accused by Washington of having mismanaged the pandemic, sent him his “best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery”.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, for his part, sent a message to Donald Trump wishing him to recover “as soon as possible”, the state agency KCNA announced. “He expressed his sympathy to the President and the First Lady “, according to the same source. “He said he sincerely hoped that they would recover as soon as possible. He hopes that they will overcome this. He sent them warm greetings,” the official agency added.

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