Her birthday is approaching and it seems impossible to buy her something new and fresh. He doesn’t appreciate the clothes you bought him last year and you know he’ll finish that expensive bottle of wine without even thinking about the cost.

This year, focus on what he really loves. Every week he participates in a football game or watches TV for news and highlights of the weekend games. Maybe he even plays or is a coach for a local club. This year, focus on something that really makes him happy, give him a football related gift. Never mind high tech gadgets, expensive gadgets, and expensive trainers. Football is the answer to the perfect gift conundrum.

For starters, the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so bake him a cake in the shape of a soccer ball or with his favorite team’s crest on it. He will love it and it will be a good start to his party. If he is a music lover, you can purchase CDs with football songs, many are team specific and are available on the teams online store.

If you are going to shop for clothes, there are very tasteful clothes with football club badges. There are some very subtle polo shirts and T-shirts that have little club logos on the chest, otherwise you can go all the pig and get him a replica shirt. He’ll love wearing this to the game and if he already has one, you can buy him a kit outside.

Maybe some clothing accessories would be a good idea. There are a lot of football scarves and gloves on sale that are of great quality and look good. Then there are other football related gifts like player figures, singing fan toys, board games, card games, posters, picture frames, leather bags, mouse pads , flags, teacups, signed photos of players, garden gnomes, stationery, upholstery, glasses, large lens DVDs, watches, books, jewelry and party supplies. All of these are branded with the club’s colors and crests and make great gifts for a football-crazy boyfriend.

You can make buying a gift for your football crazy boyfriend a lot easier and stress free by looking at the type of gifts I mentioned. There are many websites offering great deals on football related gifts.

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