Kass, a resident of the “Golden Gravel” neighborhood in downtown Daoukro participated in the sanitation session. He tells :

The cleaning session lasted about two hours in the late morning. The atmosphere was good-natured. There were young people and Baoulé and Malinké women.

We swept the streets together. Everyone came with their tools. On the track, there were still stones, pebbles, tires, wood. We picked up everything that was dangerous, everything that served as a weapon of destruction.

It was necessary to do this together to set an example and send a message of peace to the communities. Everything that we have destroyed together we must clean up together. When you look at the streets today, it is as if there had been nothing. They are clean.

We hope not to relive the scenes of violence of these last days. And politicians must stop instrumentalizing young people and spreading hateful messages.

The spontaneous initiative responded to the call for calm launched on Friday August 15 by the community authorities. “We had to act quickly. We have established a dialogue with local officials from all parties. Two teams went to talk to the communities involved ”, explained at RFI’s microphone, Traoré Adam-Kolia, President of the Iffou Regional Council.

Alexandre Apalo, the superior commander of the gendarmerie also met on Saturday and Sunday with local elected officials and religious leaders to invite them to sensitize their communities.

A large military device has been deployed to prevent further clashes in the neighborhoods. Two buffer zones have also been established.

The situation is increasingly tense in Côte d’Ivoire with the approach of the presidential election on 31 October. After the death of his runner-up Amadou Gon Coulibaly, the head of state Alassane Ouattara, 78, has decided to stand for a third term.

The Ivorian Constitution limits the number of presidential terms to two. But Alassane Ouattara considers that the adoption of a new Basic Law in 2016 authorizes him to stand again as a candidate. What its opponents dispute.

Article written by Hermann Boko

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