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Many people want to know the answer to airsoft versus paintball. There is a constant rivalry between Airsoft and paintball, both are extreme sports which share many of the same qualities and have the same principle; shoot your opponents. Any competition is meant to spark some chatter, and since these are both violent sports (or violent simulations), there is a lot of fuel on the go.

Finally, the airsoft and paintball communities can put an end to this one as a group of paintballers and airsofters took it to the fields and had the game planned.

The match between airsoft and paintball was not even close, airsoft won by a mile and a half. Most viewers suggest airsoft won due to the longer range. Airsoft BBs can shoot farther than paintballs. Thus, whenever a paintball player attempted to engage an airsoft opponent, the paintballer would be targeted long before reaching an appropriate shooting distance.

It makes sense, a paintball is much larger than an airsoft bb, so a fair amount of wind friction would be placed on a paintball. Paintball guns shoot at around 300 fps (feet per second), but airsoft bb’s can go over 500 fps. So really, the paintballers didn’t stand a chance.

That being said, some weren’t convinced that this game was a precise revelation of airsoft versus paintball. Reviews of this match suggested it was an airsoft friendly venue, which perhaps would have had merit. The competition of choice was the so-called bush ball, which is played in both sports. Simply put, bush ball simply means: paintball or airsoft in nature. But the bush that was chosen for this game was an open field. Critics claim that the two sides started too far from each other and therefore the winner was decided only by the team with the longest reach. In other words, there is no doubt that airsoft beats paintball in terms of overall shooting range. But this match could not determine any of the other possible factors, which could have been better decided at close range.

While I understand where these reviews are coming from, I really don’t think a different playing venue would have led to a different outcome. It seems like this is simply a desperate attempt to keep this topic moot or undecided. As I said at the start of the article, Paintball and Airsoft players are competitive, without a doubt. A side will therefore never want to admit defeat. But the point is, airsoft is simply more deadly than paintball. And if these two go head to head, airsoft will win every time. It certainly doesn’t suggest that airsoft is a better sport than paintball. Only that if there is competition between the two, airsoft has a significant advantage.

BB Airsoft units have more velocity, precision and greater range. So even if we were to play a close match, airsoft would still have an advantage. Sure, maybe a close-range shootout would eliminate range as an advantage, but paintball still wouldn’t be able to compete in terms of speed or accuracy.

As far as I know, the case is closed. Airsoft vs paintball match = airsoft!

However, there is still a debate as to which sport is the best. And while airsoft would win in a paintball shootout, that doesn’t mean it’s better. In fact, for many reasons, paintball can be considered a better sport than airsoft. Which sport is the most fun is an entirely separate debate. The co2 paintball guru has a good article for deciding which sport is best for you. And it might not necessarily be the deadliest, so you should decide for yourself by trying both sports.

Also, if you agree that this free field match did nothing to prove airsoft dominance, I would like to know if anyone else has tested an airsoft vs paintball, or has an opinion of Devil’s advocate. 90% of the spectators at the game we played are convinced that airsoft has paintball, and the unconvinced 10% were most likely in a state of denial.

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