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“It was not easy to go beyond years of competition to come up with a common offer”, declared the president of France Télévisions Delphine Ernotte-Cunci in the preamble of the online press presentation which unveiled the Salto streaming service this October 15. The platform brings together the forces of France Télévisions, TF1 and M6 and will be launched on October 20.

Its managing director Thomas Follin recalled the ambitions of the approach: to offer an offer that will become essential for French speakers but which does not pretend to compete with the global giants already installed. She will be content to complete them. To achieve this, it is not a question of copying the model of Netflix but rather that of Hulu, by mixing live like the Tour de France or football matches and video on demand.

Thomas Follin, Managing Director of Salto.

To begin with, the 10,000 hours of programming will be based on the catalogs of the three channels and acquisitions made abroad. But very soon there will be exclusive distributions, like the series Fargo or original productions. In particular an adaptation of the novel Germinal or fictions with Samuel Le Bihan (Don’t worry, I’m here ; They were ten).

All genres will be concerned: cinema, series, documentaries, news, magazines, entertainment, youth programs, reality TV. The productions will be French as well as American, French-speaking or European. There is also a lot of recycling with fictions like Seinfeld, Buffy the vampire slayer or Desperate Housewives.

The fact of paying for channels that can be watched for free live will also be justified by the availability of all the series from the start or the broadcast 48 hours in advance of certain episodes of the reality shows. the most popular.

There will be three offers corresponding to the number of screens available simultaneously. A great classic. The first, called Solo, amounts to 6.99 euros with one screen, the second, Duo, to 9.99 with two screens and the third, Tribu, to 12.99 with four screens.

Salto tariffs.

The service will be available in OTT and on the web, on Apple TV and Android TV. But it will not be present on the operators’ boxes at startup. Negotiations are said to be taking place to remedy this shortcoming.

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