As we expected, it’s now official: Apple is launching “One”, a bundle which brings together all of its paid service offering, including the new Apple Fitness +. Take a breath, here are all the services included in this offer: iCloud, Apple TV +, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News +, Apple Fitness + (Phew).

Apple One will be launched this fall in our country, in two formulas. An individual offer at 14.95 euros per month includes 50 GB of iCloud storage, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and Apple Music. As for the “family” offer, billed at 19.95 euros per month, it offers the same services, but with 200 GB of iCloud storage and the possibility for six members of the same household to access different applications. Apple will also offer free 30-day access to these offers.

Finally, a last high-end offer – called Premier – will initially only be launched in a handful of English-speaking countries. It includes access to Apple News + (a press offering comprising dozens of newspapers and magazines, not available in France) and to Apple Fitness + and its interactive sports classes. It will be billed at around $ 30 per month.

Bottom line: If you’re addicted to Apple services, One is a pretty good deal, considering Apple Music alone already costs $ 9.99 and 50GB of iCloud costs $ 2.99 per month. ” The Apple One Individual subscription saves more than 6 euros each month, and the Family subscription more than 8 euros “, Apple said in a press release. A nice saving, but the firm also sees an advantage: by teasing you with this bundle at an attractive price, it has every chance of winning your loyalty even more!

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