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StopCovid changes its name … and also a little bit of operation. A few hours before the press conference of Jean Castex and his ministers, the new application for monitoring contacts from the French government has just appeared on the App Store and the Play Store. To encourage as many French people as possible to use the application, its developers had the idea of ​​adding lots of new informative functions aimed at making you want to consult it regularly. In depth, nothing changes, TousAntiCovid keeps the sovereign ROBERT protocol and does not use the Exposure API from Apple and Google.

Download TousAntiCovid on an Android smartphone
DownloadAllAntiCovid on an iPhone

Make way for pedagogy

The new TousAntiCovid has a section Key figures. In the latter, you can see live the evolution of the use of the application. How many people are registered, how many have declared themselves positive for Covid-19? The goal is to show you that TousAntiCovid is useful. In this same section, we find information on the evolution of the health crisis in France. Incidence rate, positivity rate… TousAntiCovid is becoming the new place of reference for information. A page News also allows you to view the latest government announcements and generate a travel certificate during curfew.

More anecdotally, TousAntiCovid has its widget on iPhone (obviously you need iOS 14 to benefit from it). The government’s objective seems clear, to give you the impression that its application of contact tracing became cool. The new app icon, in the form of a blue white red QR Code, redirects once scanned to the official website of the app.

No QR Code for restaurants

On the other hand, those who hoped that France would emulate the British model and equip itself with a QR Code system to indicate its presence in a restaurant may be disappointed. This function is under development but is not available when TousAntiCovid is launched. On the other hand, a map of laboratories carrying out PCR tests is appearing… without it being possible to make an appointment.

In fact, TousAntiCovid is a very small evolution of StopCovid. The government no doubt wishes to breathe new life into its application with this change of identity, but has kept the same formula as before. When going to a restaurant or taking the bus, it is recommended that you manually open the app each time for contact tracing to work.

At 5 p.m., Jean Castex will no doubt say what are the future developments planned for the application.

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