99% of PS4 games will run on PS5 “. During the video conference dedicated to the PlayStation 5 last night, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment – Jim Ryan – took the floor briefly to confirm the prices, give the availability dates and, above all, reassure that PS4 games would be mostly compatible with the PS5. Words he then reiterated in an interview with the American site The Washington Post.

We want to give players perspective and certainty. We want to assure them that their investment will pay off in the long term, over several years. […]. We want gamers who decide to play PS4 games on PS5 to be able to take advantage of technical developments for free when possible. […] [Je vous assure que] 99 percent are compatible [parmi les milliers de jeux testés].

No nominal list and even fewer numerical estimates have yet been released. We will probably have to wait a few more weeks before we have more precise information on this subject.

In any case, the 18 PS4 games offered as part of the offer PlayStation Plus Classic Collection are compatible with the future console from Sony, that’s for sure.

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Finally, we have to admit that Sony – like Microsoft – have understood their mistakes. When the PS4 was released, no PS3 game could run on it, just like no Xbox 360 title could on the One. It took several years for the two teams to offer this service so much requested by the players. Backward compatibility is now assured from the outset, both at Sony and Microsoft.

Source: The Washington Post

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