This is new, this year Apple is launching not one but two watch models. The iPhone recipe with its SE version has been emulated on the Watch side since, like smartphones, the Cupertino watch is also experiencing its “entry-level” version. The Apple Watch SE benefits from the same design and many sensors borrowed from the Series 6. Result: It may not be able to measure oxygen saturation or do an ECG (electrocardiogram), but it almost does. everything else. From fall detection to hand washing monitoring, including the new “Family Set up” feature, it has many advantages.

An improved Watch Series 5

The strategy applied to watches is therefore the same as that which made the success of the iPhone SE. Take a product from the previous generation, boost it with one or two newer features (while being careful not to step on the new generation beds) and you get an “SE” version with limited features, but sold. at a more attractive price.

In practice, the Watch SE is therefore satisfied with a S5 processor, but takes advantage of the same large screen as the Series 6. It will obviously ship WatchOS 7 and will also be able to display the new dials launched this year.

Watch Series 3 resists

Despite the launch of a new entry-level watch, Apple has not decided to end the adventure of the Watch Series 3. It remains in the catalog and is presented as the gateway to the universe of the brand’s connected watches from 219 euros. In fact, this smaller and less well-equipped version should find it difficult to resist the SE version, whose prices are slightly higher.

Indeed, the basic version of the Apple Watch SE will be sold from 299 euros. As for the GPS + Cellular (4G) model, it is displayed from 349 euros. Both watches will be available this Friday, September 18.

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