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We know the big winners from the Covid-19 pandemic. In a group fire, the GAFA all announced their financial results for the second quarter of 2020 on July 30. It emerges in particular that Amazon is the most profitable company of this period of confinement around the world.

Jeff Bezos’s company, which its founder described as “tiny” in recent congressional hearings, has seen quarterly revenue jump 40% from the previous year to $ 89 billion. Its net profit doubles to $ 5.2 billion. To achieve this, the Seattle group has managed to increase its delivery capacity by 160%.

Apple splits its action to lower the price

More surprisingly, Apple succeeded in more than saving the furniture during this quarter when its stores were closed around the world. The group has exceeded analysts’ expectations, seeing its turnover increase by 11% in one year, to 59.7 billion dollars. Its profit of 16.3 billion is seen to rise by 18% compared to 2019.
IPhone sales have shown growth, notably thanks to the introduction of the 2020 iPhone SE. But the big winners of the containment are the iPads and Macs, which have recorded a 20% increase in the revenue they generate. .

Apple also took the opportunity to announce a new split of its shares (four for one). This will allow him to lower the price of his stock on the stock market to make it accessible to a wider variety of investors. Finally, in a never-before-seen momentum, Apple has confirmed that his iPhone 12 will be late “Of a few weeks”.

Receding alphabet

Facebook is also doing very well, almost doubling its profit, which thus exceeds five billion dollars. With a turnover of 18.7 billion dollars, the social network has grown by 11%.

Ultimately Alphabet is paying the price for this very special second quarter. Google’s parent company revenue fell 2% to $ 38.3 billion, while profits of $ 6.96 billion were down $ 3 billion from 2019. However, analysts were surprised to see that the Mountain View company’s revenue exceeded their original forecast by $ 1 billion.

All of these financial results fall the next day the hearing by the US Congress of the bosses of these companies. Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai had been questioned for nearly six hours by parliamentarians as part of an abuse of dominance investigation.

Sources: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alphabet

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